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Agenda on policy has been a spectacular victory four um traditional establishment mind republicans in congress they have delivered an agenda after some very unfortunate myth star myth firers stumbles collapses be they really have delivered on what they to voters for years i mean that vis vis cannot be undersold um this cannot be oversold this cannot be understated just how much this congress sometimes despite the president has accomplished we're talking with philip elliott he is washington correspondent for time magazine and before we let you go the cover itself can you explain good if this is one of our favorite artifact time magazine at the moment uh he is just a spectacular um i i it it he is an inspiration for a lot of a um adel rodriguez he he the force behind both of our meltdown covers last year he illustrated a is the wrecking ball um analogy that were used um to describe how the president was going through um the agencies and the deep state this week we we turned him again and it is an image uh uh uh of the president are they match that the lower part of the image is the president of the match matchstick and the upper party image is just what where his hair would be is on fire that it is just the president has all it it will let it sparked just a complete change of not just washington but how our country and the world beans the potential for government uh it is a it and and it is a spectacular image and i am so proud of it um and so proud of the work that we have done here and it just very carefully and um simply just the cap the cover line on it is your one period also available at time dotcom cell of elliott washington correspondent for time magazine thank you for being with us of course they meanwhile at the white house today press secretary sarah sanders answering a number of questions on the.

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