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Young girl detective say the man has been living out of a van across the street from chris church and about a year ago the church hired at and they brought him on board to do maintenance work security work unfortunately when groups like that bring people in they don't know what kind of history this individual has corporal anthony brittania says during this year's father's day service at the church children were kept in an area way from parents detectives believed that is when the man lured a four year old girl away from the other kids and molested her we're trying to figure out exactly what's occurred are there additional victims and it's an opening ongoing investigation he says investigators are especially concerned other children may have been molested because of how long the man has worked at the church and are asking attend ease to talk with their kids cooper rummell knx ten seventy newsradio nine forty nine firefighters had to rescue three guys on the third floor of a burning apartment building in long beach to the guys will all of them are okay but one had some minor injuries and was treated at the scene couple of the units were damaged by fire redondo beach may return to tradition next year hold the city's independence day fireworks on the fourth of july why because the show this year has been moved to sunday july first the fourth is in the middle of the week council member todd lowenstein since people are not happy i should have known better that fourth of july means a lot to people fireworks picnics eating watermelon on the grass with your family all you know a lot of sentimental value to it and people actually travel here so yeah whoops city holds a five hundred ten k on the fourth that means a very long day for police but lonestar says it might make more sense to switch that to the weekend and then have the fireworks on the fourth of july nine fifty at canucks let's check your money who's frank motech something new coming to california adventure in i'm pixar peer will be open to the public starting tomorrow at disney california adventure one of the brief themed attractions is the pixar pal around on the orange county register's taken to closer look at it and they know you probably know it as the giant ferris wheel that originally opened as the sun wheel then got a makeover and became known as mickey's fun wheel complete with mickey mouse and his friends on the gondolas pixar peer will be making its debut tomorrow the weinstein company agreeing to reduce the.

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