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Was suspended by the national football league for four games of the two thousand eighteen season the first four games i'll add without pay for violating the league's performance enhancing drug policy we don't know what drug it was we don't know if it was a supplement are some sort of other performance enhancing drug we're not entirely clear as to was this something that he got tested last year and then it came out i tend to think that it's something that it's this year based on when a team reports for offseason conditioning every player subject to random drug testing this is when they can do it does the window which the nfl can do it and open that up it's been going on since march so about six weeks later again we don't know the substance how big of a loss is this for the saints doc goodman thanks appreciate the call i got a couple of questions and you kind of touched on what i was going to say you know 'cause i know the nfl has a lot of rules about what these guys can take and can't take i mean he could have been something as simple as a pre workout that wasn't authorized by the league that he had possibly be taken a us and failed the test but lately sitting at again joe wanna make sure i heard you credit senate again i was saying it could have been anything you kind of touched on it could have been supplemented could have been.

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