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Certainly for your viewers and listeners and I'll tell you what that messages but the message is despicable but here's my message to them we are going to find you in this case a looking for an orange red colored modded up Chevy Camaro from the Facebook video Craig says not only will they arrest the driver and sees as ride he says they're going to make it a police car outside Detroit public safety headquarters run do we W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty businessman controversial Robert Carmack is facing drunk driving charges now for a third time he's a man involved in a land dispute and with Detroit and its mayor the Michigan attorney general's office charged the sixty year old with one count of operating a vehicle while intoxicated third offense he was stopped they say and Brownstown township if convicted Carmack faces up to five years in jail along with some fines he is expected to appear before judge next week then you sports betting and online gambling industries in Michigan will begin taking shape now the governor Witmer has signed a bill legalizing both Republican state representative Matt hall who sponsored the bill says the goal is to protect consumers right now people are on their phones you know playing blackjack and slot machines what we needed to do was make sure that it was regulated and safe and that people could get paid when they made these wagers and not some shady off shore operators he says regulators will take the next few months to write up the rules before betting will come to the public it's a major drug bust at the Canadian border W. W. chase Dan Jenkins has the details a semi truck driver has been arrested after Canadian border patrol agents found thirty bricks of cocaine in his vehicle at the ambassador bridge forty four year old man hinder gill of Brampton Ontario has been charged in now is awaiting a bail hearing during an inspection back on December fifteenth officers found thirty packages of suspected cocaine weighing an approximate total of eighty pounds or forty kilos Dan Jenkins WWJ newsradio nine fifty police say a knife wielding man forces way into a couple's northern Michigan home threaten them with the weapon has been fatally shot by one of the homeowners happened following a struggle she can date state police say twenty nine year old Nathan read of cope Ameche died at the shooting scene in a home in the Manistee county city troopers from a cat like post say that after read entered the house a physical struggle ensued during which one of the home's occupants retreat a firearm and shot up a woman who lived in the home was treated at the scene for a minor head injury well the pure Michigan campaign is going to be coming to an end as we start the new year first we'll have that story coming up by the way but first find nine await that it's time for traffic and weather together on the eight that the roads with o'neal Stephen five people look at the life of me our center in fact that's one of the busiest spots through those Tripoli jam cams it starts in the west land area Merriman road at Warren road you enter Heinz park great they're Hines Dr and you can go and enjoy.

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