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AT mobile is available in English and Spanish and can be found on iOS and android your listening to the AP digital news network hobbits bungee jumping and rugby have all been used by New Zealand in the past to entice Taurus but now prime minister Justin the art in may have found the perfect spokesman to embrace all of the above and more American comedian Stephen Cole bear in a wide ranging interview with the Associated Press she talked about the boost to the country's vital tourism industry that Cole bear appears to have single handedly orchestrated last month he recounted his adventures in New Zealand during a weeklong humor segment on CBS's the late show with Stephen Cole bear the first segment shows ardor in picking up cold air from the airport in close to him for a barbecue with singer lord in attendance order instead since then there's been a spiking Americans taking a look at trips to New Zealand someone new will be piloting one of the major airlines eighty corresponded not small reports on the changes of the top four United Jay Scott Kirby is the president of United Airlines now who become its CEO taking the seat of Oscar moon Jooss will become the airlines executive chairman he led United door pureed of turbulence giving up his bonus back in twenty seventeen after the forcible removal of a ticketed passenger led to widespread criticism the company says the moose will happen this may I met small there's some potential good news for those who are suffering from dementia A. P.'s ejected Quinn reports a company that makes a drug to help stop delusions in Parkinson's patients says that their treatment can help the drug new placid has been on the market for three years to help reduce.

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