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At the time of the shooting the Patriots in the middle of their last game this season after missing the playoffs, a covert outbreak it a Woburn check. Woburn Church leaves at least 44 people testing positive for the virus. 117 Congress being sworn in today, including New Massachusetts congressman Jake Akan, Kloss. This just into the WBC news room of bipartisan group of Senators is calling on Congress to certify President elect Joe Biden's win This, according to The Associated Press for Republicans are among the group of lawmakers that includes Maine Senator Susan Collins and Utah senator and former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney. And this comes as nearly a dozen GOP senators led by Ted Cruz say they'll challenge the results of the Electoral College this week. A Springfield church was destroyed by a fire last week and now a main man faces charges for three alleged arson attempts that happened earlier in the month, WBZ Sherry Small explains. On Friday, Pittsfield police arrested Dusko Vulture of Houlton, Maine, He's accused of attempting to burn the Martin Luther King Presbyterian Church in Springfield. Once on December 13th and twice on December 15th. He faces three charges of attempted arson seventies We've been actively and Often that that community as a really a social justice church, the church's pastor, Dr Carolyn Curry, Avery says those two fire attempts went unnoticed. Since right now the congregation meets virtually. But on Monday, December 28th, a major fire gutted the church was a church building. We are the church and we will continue the mission, um set forth by God, the investigation continues. And so far, authorities have not officially tied that fire to vulture or anyone else. Sherry Smallville. BU BC Boston's news radio Police in Charlton investigating an apparent murder suicide that happened last night. Police responded to a domestic disturbance after seven yesterday evening on arrived to find a man with a parent's self inflicted gunshot wounds and a woman who had been shot as well. Names have not been released, and state and local police are still investigating. Early this morning, the national death toll from Cove it surpassed 350,000, according to data from Johns Hopkins. A surge from holiday gatherings expected shortly as many hospitals around the country are already at their limit. Multiple states have reported a record number of cases over the past few days, including North Carolina and Arizona. Hard hit California funeral homes or turning families away because they have no more room for bodies and Florida's reporting its first case of the new, more contagious strain of the Corona virus. The U. S has recorded more than 20 million infections since the start of the pandemic, one million of them in New York. Meanwhile, the vaccine rollout continues to face challenges. The CDC says. Over four million people received the first dose of covert vaccine with 13 million doses distributed, but that's far short of operation Warp speeds goal of allocating 20 million doses by the end of last year. I'm Julie Walker. Here in Massachusetts, local er, doctor and state rep took to Twitter to express his concern about the situation in hospitals. The latest data puts hospitals across the state at 83% capacity. My concern is that Given the holidays that we're gonna be a significant service charge on the surgery, if you will. That's Dr Jon Santiago. The local restaurant community has a new modern approach to overcoming their covert related financial struggles. WBC's match, Hearer explains who doesn't love a good Social Media challenge, especially when it supports a good cause. It's great to see people pulling together to try to get everyone over the hump here of it. For the next few months. At least, that's the hope of Ryan Jones, VP of operations for the Lions Group with establishments like Game on at Fenway and Rochambeau by the proof, he knows just how devastating this.

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