Senator Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders Medicare, Newark discussed on State of the Union with Jake Tapper


They're both co-sponsors of the Bernie Sanders Medicare for all let's discuss Akari fifty six percent of Americans favor Medicare for all. According to new Kaiser poll, but when you ask would you favor it if it eliminates private insurance companies as the Bernie Sanders Bill essentially does it drops to thirty seven percent. I think what you're going to see is throughout this process Democrats in their plans, and their ideas, and all of these proposals are going to be fleshed out and people are going to get to the root of it. But when what you saw this past week was you saw a slight difference of opinion because I think that Medicare for all is the standard in the Democratic Party now, but you have different ways in different candidates who want to get there. So I still favor, for example, making sure that we still have a healthy providence insurance industry in this country. But I do believe that we need to move towards a Medicare for all inlet let private insurance fill in those gaps. And I think that you have Kamla hairs. And Cory Booker who have sponsored bills throughout the whole plethora or the whole John or of that making sure that we get just an and if we just dropped the age limit for Medicare five years, I think we at least cover more people, and we can at least start to have those discussions. I want you to take a listen to the White House's comments this week about Cory Booker. They seem to have some had had some rather pointed criticism. Senator Cory Booker announced today that he's also running. There are a lot of Democrats on the good noches. No chance I say why because I know him. I don't think it is chance. I think quite book Booker often sounds like a hallmark card and not necessarily a person who's there to tell you everything he's accomplished in the United States Senate and his mayor of Newark, what's your take totally agree with the president. He has no chance. There's far more formidable candidates democratic this is a guy I mean watches performance during the cavenaugh hearing completely discredited himself. He has flip flopped on major issues over the years. He tends to say what the audience wants to hear. That's not what people are looking for. I don't think in either political party. These Democrats have smart strong candidates. I think Kamala Harris, comma, Harris. Didn't say Camille was good. And I also think she led the way in some ways on the north issue. I thought her cheap she needed to speak, and she did it. So she seems to be strong to meet Beto. I think is still lurking out there. Cory Booker is is is an interesting person. But he's not going to be the next. Do you think? Well, I thought the president's statement was less racist than other comments. He's made about black candidates kudos so kudos. That's a plus perhaps a nod to black history month frac like he didn't say he didn't say they were ignorant or not educated. What have you usually tends to do? I think Corey is someone if you've ever seen him on the campaign trail, he is very inspiring. And I think as with all these candidates that is why we have a primary process, right? Where you get to see how do they do can they flush out their ideas about health care about? How do we get to? If it's Medicare for all. Or if it is do you maintain you know, some firm of private insurance? How do we get there? And I think that what's going to be pas. Tive is that conversation. I actually think that Cory booker's problems. It's going to be within the Democratic Party. And it's going to relate to his job as mayor of Newark, I think he was terrific mayor of Newark, he supported choice for public school children in Newark. And he's going to have trouble with the teachers union, and it is very difficult to get the nomination. We've got the teachers unions on the other side Democrats were throwing a curveball this week with the possible entry at least a a testing for independent candidate Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio is contemplating running for president. He hasn't denounced. But he does have some thoughts on Howard Schultz. Let's roll tape..

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