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And author i'm the four the hidden dna of amazon apple facebook and google joins us now is that like thon guy or something of that when we can now they're the acronyms are getting harder getting harder so jim musser said that will be a good thing if the amazon buy target why would you disagree with that so i saw anytime gene months who says something you kind of question your own believes because he's a fantastic analysts but with target you would get amazon we'd get scale and relationships with consumer brown's and they already have both those things in addition it i believe the numbers on strategies to go after the affluent consumer to go after the top half and target doesn't necessarily foot to that show it makes sense and this would subsidy ali frazier of retail and that is walmart versus amazon i mean they would really collide headon to each other i believe a an acquisition were probably make more sense for it to their strategy would be nordstrom because they've stubbed toe amazon has been unable to break into the kind of the beauty counter into your closet and they've had trouble getting distribution with high end luxury brands it's still don't trust amazon for me there's actually better acquisition candidates having said all this amazon is coming under such intense scrutiny right now that i wouldn't be surprised that they decide to go little under the radar and not announce any big acquisitions in the shortterm hear more interviews like this one on bloomberg television streaming live on bloombergcom and on the bloomberg mobile app or check your local cable listings mobile business news 24 hours a day catholic merck dot com the radio mobile app and on your radio this is a bloomberg business flash and.

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