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Mostly cloudy going up to forty six minutes. Today wins news time four forty eight's. Mayor de Blasio headed back out on the road with the White House on his mind, he is headed back to Iowa. And it's not for the weather mayor de Blasios continuing to test the presidential waters, but not quite ready to commit when I have something to say on that topic. I will as I've told you. I haven't ruled it out of the idea drew sharp comments from the public advocate candidates at Wednesday night's debate assemblyman, Ron Kim going so far as to call de Blasio delusional. But edit unrelated news conference, the mayor says the people who count support him every day. I have New Yorkers come up and talk about different things administrations doing that they like and plenty of people who urged me on for the future and in recent weeks, the mayor is would making the rounds on national television. Al Jones ten ten wins. News wins news time, four forty nine in court Thursday, President Trump's longtime friend Roger stone apologizing for posting an unflattering picture of federal judge Amy Berman Jackson. Instagram. Now, he's been ordered to stop talking about the special counsels case against him more from correspondent Pierre Thomas. Judge Jackson clearly frustrated and concerned after stone posted a picture of her online in the corner. What looks like the crosshairs of a gun stone repeatedly apologized calling it a stupid lapse of judgement. He said he never really looked at the image before posting it at one point saying he thought it was a Celtic symbol special counsel, Robert Muller. Indicted stone on five counts of lying to congress as well as witness tampering and obstruction of Justice. Former Trump fixer Michael Cohen has rescheduled his testimony before congress, President Trump's former personal attorney will testify before the house oversight and reform committee next Wednesday, the open testimony will come one day before he testifies before the house intelligence committee in a closed session. Cohen was scheduled to testify before the oversight committee earlier this month, but he postponed that testimony signing threats to his family from the president and Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Cowan pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations. And lying to congress. He begins a three year prison term in may correspondent, Linda Kenyon. President Trump could miss out on being on twenty twenty valid in the great state of New Jersey. If he doesn't disclose his tax returns yesterday. The democratic could lead state Senate passed legislation inspired by the Republicans refusal to disclose his tax numbers. The measure requires presidential and vice presidential candidates to release five years of federal returns in order to be allowed on the state's ballot. For nearly four decades. Presidential candidates released their taxes going back to just after Richard Nixon's departure from the White House. President Trump broke with tradition in two thousand ten two thousand sixteen Democrats have used the issue to raise questions about what might be in those documents Santa Bill now goes onto the assembly also controlled by Democrats and could be signed by democratic governor. Phil Murphy Republican Governor Chris Christie had a chance to sign the legislation. Instead, he vetoed it in two thousand seventeen wins. News time four fifty. One..

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