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President and the first lady visited Washington D C. Classroom this morning, sixth graders in Brooklyn Middle School in D. C. Got a visit from the president and first lady after President Biden said he'll invoke the Defense production act to make testing kits more available. I will mobilize American industry to produce nearly 300 million more rapid covid 19 tests for distribution all around the country, including the schools that need them. The president also called on governors to require Vaccines for school teachers and staff. Rachel Sutherland, Fox News leading scientists Behind the AstraZeneca Covid 19 Vaccines has booster shots may be unnecessary for many people. Oxford University professor Sara Gilbert told The Telegraph newspaper that immunity from the vaccine was holding up well even against the Delta variant. A judge has ruled against Apple over some of the ways it collects payments in its APP store. Federal Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers has struck down some of Apple's APP store rules restrictions on how the company can collect payments in apps. The ruling says Apple cannot bar APP developers from including buttons or links that allow users to pay outside of Apple's system, which charges commissions of up to 30%. The ruling also says Apple can't ban developers. From communicating with customers. Using contact information from when they signed up within the APP. The ruling comes after a three week trial. Fortnite creator Epic Games accused Apple of antitrust violations. Nikos LDA Fox News, Apple says it hasn't yet decided if it will appeal. Harvard University will divest itself from holdings in fossil fuels, the president announced. The university has legacy investments in a number of.

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