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What Carolinas doing what Minnesota's done this year where the defense is just it just hasn't been able to win games on its own. If things don't go rhino on offense. But Christian McCaffrey is a fantasy beast. Yes. Do you want in a dynasty league? Let's put it in context. Who do you wanna head of CMC in a dynasty at the running back position the way he's played this year? I mean, he is girly. Take one Barclay k Ezekiel Elliott, then Christopher can you still take Zeke over Christian, McCaffrey. I would. Yeah. Okay. Who've. Yeah, he might be Kareem hunt, right or Christian McCaffrey in a dynasty. I'd probably go Christian McCaffrey. But I mean, they're in the same the same. Yeah. That's that's very very close. I bet they it'd be back to back. Yeah. The pass catching just makes me feel like the shelf life in a dynasty league of Christian McCaffrey is very very long, Nick Chubb. Yeah. One eight eight. But you know, catching a couple of passes every week now caught a touchdown pass caught a terrible. I mean the touchdown pass. If you haven't seen it he jumps up the ball was thrown behind the defender, and he wraps his hands around does one of those like, I caught it on the other Sager Baker put it where only Nick shove, Kat it. That is true. I mean, it was a two percent probability that he could catch that pass. But only Nick shove could catch. It Kenyan Drake. They was eight thirty two and a touchdown fine for sixty four through there and a touchdown only or only gets thirteen touches, you know, there are certain players this year that when you watch them like I been I'll openly admit I was wrong about a couple of guys. Like Kenyan Drake is legitimately good player. He's a really good like he's somebody that I didn't believe in. Now a lot of that had to do with platoon situation. But it also had to do with the fact I didn't think he was a great player. I think he is a good player. I also think I mean, Marla MAC is the the other one that kind of looks a little better than I thought he was going to look on the year, the tone of Drake, a I guess it was never a question for me. But Mr. be whole just doesn't use them. Look thirteen total touches for Kenyan Drake when he's having an absolute monster game. I think my official stance. Now when people ask should I start Kenyan Drake when instances is going to be sure. 'cause it's so. Hard to recommend a running back. That's going to only touch the ball thirteen times. But he just keeps exploding. Yeah. I mean, you if you want the big games from Drake you have to be able to play every week. You gotta you gotta play him every week. And hopefully, he's you know, that flex type guy that you put in there, and you know, when he busts he's still gonna end up with four or five points, which stinks. But when he explodes he could have thirty plus fantasy point 'cause the level two weeks ago. Twenty seven rushing yards eleven receiving yards three weeks ago nine rushing yards while he was he is still is going up. Yeah. I was going to bring that up..

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