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Let him know that you appreciate him sponsoring this program David Graham what a what a great guy eight one three six four five one two three three without him a we wouldn't be here I we wouldn't we be gone eight one three six four five one two three three a guy that that this generous in helping us keep this program going I'm I mean you know you really need to give them a call and let him know that you really appreciate his service so again please call David are you don't have to do business with them that's okay let him know at least that you appreciate his help with us Johnny still there Jack you still there yeah there you are okay we were talking about a homeowner use and we only got about three minutes here how old you know he if they have a were those holes and Alemannic types sprayers you can they can purchase your products same thing I'm doing right same thing that that I've got same exact product in fact and they can apply it themselves but you know someone but they don't know what to buy can you maybe you can give them a a by this this and this is your first test how's that absolutely so this is the best part about it now right now as most of the state is in a blackout yes if you're dealing right then you really want to go out there and feed the lawn we have a few things you can but at this time one is that microgram product the jurors are to you you can run that out it's it's a low rate six ounces per thousand so that one job we'll be able to treat half an acre wow okay sick so you have a lot in one single job so they're going out once a month they could treat that almost to the end of using that one product Michael Greene until the zero two zero dash zero dash two zero zero two and they could use that through September thirtieth so the lack of okay right okay back you go at that can go out every month that you know if you have a five thousand square foot long he congratulates you're gonna get almost five treatment out of that particular gallon well that there's two to three other ones that you can apply as well because people do love their lawn they can go out one would be our error rate which is a a chemical aeration product with the higher dose at the end and it helps to just keep water flowing through when you're getting is heavy rain the summer rains and all help to reduce stress all my gosh if you got like kids or dogs or pets that have been on your lawn continuously maybe parked cars on your grass you gotta tried people I've you we've used it and every product it works really well really big action and really relieving plant strapped in that hi to keep the plant from getting to water log yeah are GF with another one but it that that that you make and help product that really helps to stimulate deeper rooting and then just a straight humic acid product can be put out as well as all of those can be done monthly but you have to understand now happening here's your cue an acre out of the RG at while half an acre out of the error rate and and happen acre out of the human so you get a whole lot of material and really big horn Jack let's stop right there because I got to go for a break but I want to know and I'm sure they do what to purchase after the blackout period because then bye okay I'm input channel can stand by are you course you're listening to Florida gardening all right here on newsradio WFLA news traffic and weather Tampa bay's news radio WFLA an outbreak of hepatitis eight has it seventeen Florida counties hard and prompted the state to declare a public health emergency it's just a way to make sure that we're doing all we can to try to head this off governor Ronnie center says the declaration triggers federal help from the CDC most of the reported cases have come from around Tampa Bay and in central Florida if not an emergency the governor has concern about red tide in has formed a task force to research causes and develop solutions to the toxic algae that particularly played the southwest Florida coast last year a couple from Wesley chapel north of Tampa faces charges accused of running from a fatal crash they cost and a carjacking to escape cops say thirty one year old Cody berry and twenty three Breanna right also crashed a stolen car later in plant city with Florida's news I'm John the question from the Florida central credit union auto loans traffic center no troubles to report this morning on I four to seventy five for I seventy five throughout the greater Tampa Bay area traffic is also currently up.

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