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Why jerry maguire business cards expected to take in four hundred dollars in the paper garland seven hundred it's really just because the other stuff's not that valuable paper right all right what else next up the mask from the mask ooh jim carey castor troy's pistol from face all talk and now we're just share spinning studio on hold on if i stuffed this thing in my slacks and keeping the small of my back if i need to pull it out can i pull it out regular speed slow motion ocean value i love that gun all right or coal trickles helmet from days of thunder all right here this is a good one autocrat could stuff while i mean mask was probably jim carey's big a one of its big breakout movies and movie script is bouncing around for a long time and he brought it home castor troy gun though awesome the helmet though now i can say this i'm going to help my fellow auctioneers here by saying there is a gun market and there's kind of a racing helmet market that already sort of exists that you had airton senna's helmet or firesuits it would be worth means something you know so the mask is memorabilia thing doesn't really have a built into existing market where guns guitars but the last was only seven thousand remember nia yeah yeah but this goal it was gone all right brian you go first and away it's the gun okay i know something about helmets having a few paul newman racing helmets i know that paul newman helmet that he wore all through a whole season is probably not worth as much as one that he would have worn in a movie i was on a movie that actual movie helps it.

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