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Cold here my back gets off if so i can't imagine how i would feel if i was in that kind of weather it's never really cold here it's left to me hopefully you guys to me when it gets cold in it's like 30 degrees oh i've ever get theft hang out his a i've lived here long enough when it gets down to fifty i'm now freezing yeah every hot i tell you highlight cold weather but where i say that i mean california cold weather not you know cold cold weather oh my goodness well i'll tell you what it's it's all the alumina ottis fault did you know that if it can grand conspiracy and did you see this i i am just laughing my head off at this former canadian minister of defence of think of like donald rumsfeld robert gates you know those kinds of people has come out and said the alumina is real and they control everything and they actually have a solution for we have the technology to reverse climate change kinda paul hellier is his name but it's been suppressed by the aluminum audie because they'll make money off of fossil fuel did you see this a us scared to talk about this topic is that what's going on yeah them yet you're worried about i miss the guy that also said that they're aliens that we have proof of aliens paul howe here well you crazy to say europe he believes several species of intelligent aliens are secretly living on earth as well and a low of that but i believe that there are millions and they're living amongst us i'm just wondering if their breeding with us that's the question more they only do the probes when you're passed out since that seems to be what every abduction talks about all right well let's give another looking around among sure how intelligent they are of they're here and there's there's a good point two i mean right david sir was last time you're driving race we should sit here we're not saying or just that's the case artless get to today's holiday all the internet gives us the.

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