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All go to work and kills ken rogulski the most generous people to panhandlers are black women wjr news time seven thirty three here's shawn baligian sports well good morning everybody perhaps some tiger fans mad at the world right now the tigers lose three two to the tampa rays last night shane green gives up two home runs in the ninth inning to break a scoreless died through eight tiger scratch two runs across the bottom of the ninth and victor martinez single but that's all she wrote tigers looked to get back on track tonight with first pitch at seven ten down at comerica park nfl news tom brady makes it official ends the speculation he will be back at quarterback for the new england patriots and twenty eighteen when the season kicks off brady he will be forty one years old only one game in the nba last night and in beantown the celtics cruised to a one seventeen one zero one victory in game one of their first round series game two in boston thursday night i'm shawn baligian seven sixty wjr sports traffic first on the fives next often see in the local papers or on facebook is how to tell if someone is quote a true michigander it's usually centered on what a person knows like knowing where to find the best coney in detroit or the best place to play a round of golf you know important stuff and of course there's always a heated debate about who knows the right answers to all those questions but there is one thing that everyone in michigan knows about and that's a card from blue cross blue shield of michigan and blue care network because for over seventy five years it's been the.

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