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Sport two with someone's gonna do with you for the afternoon, we're bringing you day two coverage of the York ybor festival, the feature race will come up in the social. That's the three 35 the Yorkshire oaks delights to say they're now joined by 88 sport brand ambassador and top jockey star of the show at the shergar cup for Ireland. Neil colonel, welcome back to racing live. Good to be back on. Great to have your company, my friend. Now looking at how things are going for jockeys right now. This rule was brought in, which I think overall is good for your overall health and your well-being and mental mindset that you're only allowed competed one race course. You can't jet off before and drive 5 hours to get to another race course to try and make a ride before the end of the day. But you could have been riding at York yesterday, you chose to go to kempton, which then gets ruled out and canceled despite the fact that it's an all weather race course because of torrential rain. Talk to you at the frustration of yesterday. Yeah, look, I mean, it's a bit embarrassing really I suppose on the racecourse part to be honest, it's purely in the name, isn't it? Or what are the racing? All the racetrack. It's bitch for all weathers. So look, they can come out and say that, you know, the heavy rain came down so quickly in a short space of time and it was a lot of rain, but that's not an excuse. Whole iteration is all what a race and it shouldn't have happened and there's obviously reasons for it. I think personally haven't ridden around it since I came back from last season. I think the track is worn out and I think listening to the other jockeys, a lot of other jockeys have been seeing this for the last three to 5 years that kept and race track is a little bit worn out. It's a bit tired needs replacing, but yet they don't do it. And if this is the repercussions. Well, kempton is a racecourse that always obviously on the brink of destruction at one point they wanted to close it. I think it's pretty obvious that they weren't doing anything in terms of PR to try and get people in there. And there was uproar about that and thankfully that was then canceled. This was all so they could build an all weather track in new market. Makes great sense isn't the closer track in London and build a track miles away up the north and new market genius. That ended up being canceled. I did the last when Skye had the rights to Irish racing. I was the last one to present from Don Doc and I remember being up there with Johnny murtaugh, it would have been late 28 December 2018 and Johnny was furious with the state of Don dog, as was everybody else. Aidan O'Brien, Damien English Sarah linen, they were all having a go, Jerry lines was absolutely seething. And he made that same point that you were making about kempton, was that the track was worn out. And it did eventually need to be replaced, but it took them so long to do it. The trainers eventually just decided they weren't running. And look, all weather racing is very important, but is this what it's going to come down to, that pressure is going to have to be put on captain why have they not just taken the steps in the measure that's needed to relay the track. You can't have an all weather track that has to be canceled because of rain. I think we've been banging our heads against this strong prolonged time. And look, it's a scene with a racing in general. How long have we been saying that there's too much racing too many fixtures, the price money is being diluted and British racing is heading in one direction if there's nothing done about. Now, the fact that the previous chairman or the CEOs of the PHA, like Paul Roy and mister saddles have come out of obviously hidden in the shadows for a long enough. But they've come out invented their frustration because they don't want to sit back and watch this happen and they're bought actually quite big supporters of racing in general as an owner. So they've obviously had enough of sitting on the sidelines in listening and watching and something has to be said. And now that they're coming out and saying it, so hopefully someone is going to listen. Now, it's the same for Kent. It's the same for the older tracks. We need all the tracks. Of course, we need it because like the summer we're having at the moment where there's drought and the ground is firm everywhere and some tracks like bath or whatever can't use a watering system so those meetings have been transferred to the or what I mean over the track. So we do need all what a racing. But if you're going to put on all weather racing, you've got to have it at a certain standard. And it's been I don't look, I can't really comment on because I don't know exactly how long that tracks being down, but I know it's been down a long time. And I know about four or 5 years ago, a few jockeys have been complaining to the track of the course attempted saying that it was worn out then and it needed replacing. So that's four or 5 years ago. Now, for your 5 years on, it's washed out. It can hold the water. Now, if it can't drain the water away, then there's obviously a problem. And yesterday, I arrived at the races, we drove two hours to get there. Obviously we drove through The Rain to go in. There was a bit of rain on the roads on the way in. That's understandable. But

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