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The situation of Michael Brown on 6. 30 Mary on my right. And Janey is they captured? Uh oh. I I forget how many people doesn't make any difference? Three or four in the maven Hotel downtown Denver LoDo Close to a couple of blocks away from Uh, crews field Found 12 long guns, Whatever that means, Uh, 1000 rounds of ammo, which I I mean. I know you can do a lot of damage with 1000 rounds of ammo, but to the to the uninitiated 1000 rounds of ammo. Sounds like Oh, my God. They're starting World War three. Probably 1000 rounds of ammo in my car. Might have 1000 rounds of ammo right here. My backpack. I don't know. Have some body armor. And as soon as almost as soon as they are captured. The FBI Denver field office comes out and tells us nothing to see here, folks. This has nothing to do with the All Star game. Okay? Why did you feel necessary to tell us that if it has nothing to do with the All Star game? Maybe because goobers like me are thinking maybe it did have something to with the All Star game. Here's my analysis of that thought process. Yes. I think first and foremost, they're probably under incredible pressure. By Major League Baseball. Which has its reaches into the White House. To tell the FBI and the Department of Justice to say that it had nothing to do with the All Star game. Number two They may have jumped the gun and and it really may have had something to do with the All Star game, but they need to squelch the whole concept. The whole that whole idea that it could have But unless you were absolutely certain Unless that was the end of the investigation, and you're not going to investigate anything else. Why would you come out and say that? Because if if two people three people or four people Have conspired enough to check into the maven hotel with guns and firearms and body armor. Don't you want to know? Like If there's anybody else involved, So why would you say anything? Why Just why not just, um, arrest them? Take them down to where you assume they were arrested on local charges. And wait until you finish your investigation. Because we do quickly want to make sure that nobody thinks that they can ever possibly be any sort of danger with the All Star game. I think it fits perfectly with this concept of just sweeping the homeless. Under the rug. Of pretending like we don't have crime in this city of pretending like we don't have any problems at all. Like you know, we have We have an airport that I think was I'm trying to think, 1994. I forget the year that I mean, I flew into Dia from Phoenix the day I flew out of Stapleton. Went to Phoenix for some meetings and flew back into the area had the best back to staples and get my car. I think it was 94. I don't like that your sticks in my mind, and I think that airport has been under construction ever since. 1994. That's what that's uh 94 B 2021 27 years. Under constant construction. You know why? Because Denver can't do anything, right? Denver Denver. Let's be honest. Denver is always has been a Democrat run city, and we're beginning to see the results of what you have when you have decades and decades of democratic rule. I'm old enough to remember when Denver head I think under Hickenlooper, a 10 year plan to end homelessness. How's that working out? I think that was about 15 years ago. Why As I said, I went to the All Star Game in 1998. It was a blast. I enjoyed Not going this year. Um and I'm not going this year primary, although probably right now it's safer in downtown Denver than it normally is, because well, as Paul Kelly said, there are cops Everywhere. He continued in this article this way. So called leaders of the city blamed the pandemic. But the accurate blame is on how they responded to the past 15 months. The leaders of Denver. Well, did you Michael Hancock, looking at you, Jared Polis. Stood back. Remember this? The leaders of Denver, the leaders of Colorado's stood back while rioters smashed 93 windows out of the 100 year Old city and county building in one night. 20 windows just a few weeks later. All cops are bastards and F The police were painted on the state capital. The city didn't erect fencing around the capital until five months later, and they did that. For the inauguration. Well, Interestingly, there were no riots. 20 how that works, she says a year later, when there's no ads, Nuggets Iraqis game going on downtown businesses suffer people remember, and people haven't come back, including yours truly. Non game day sis Chris Fuselier, who owns the Blake Street Tavern near Coors, Non Game days, it's a ghost town. Chris, you know why? And I know why. It's because Denver cops have had their Hands tied behind their back. And we don't want to do anything. That might offend anybody. So we just let everything run a mark. Denver. Sad and dramatic downturn isn't limited to its worst crime wave. Maybe ever. Nope. We have lots of other bad stuff going on, too. We have a pediatric mental health state of emergency, According to Children's Hospital, Colorado Public School still closed while neighboring States state Open the economy is in a terrible state, something I've written about something I've never written about Colorado only four years ago. Was president four years ago, right? Donald Trump. Only four years ago, we had the lowest unemployment rate in the country. Do you know where we are now? Ryan? Where are we 37th. Jared. Call injured Paulus. Denver's homeless crush gets worse by the year, but you won't see as many tents during all Star Week. The city's increased homeless sweeps this summer. Just in time, you know, Fox 31 reported. Unsheltered homeless counts have almost tripled. Since 2014. Kelly says. Maybe I was just too wrapped up in Peyton Manning Super Bowl and Nicola Jockey N B A. M V P a him in B A. M v P, But I don't recall a pandemic in 2015, 16, 17 18 or 2019. Did. I miss that? My bad, He says. I'm not gonna miss Rocky Slugger Trevor story in the home run Derby on Monday. And you shouldn't either saying for stud started, Uh, German marquees the Iraqis player in the All Star game, too. Hopefully, the new issues haven't come to your corner of Denver, but they've come to ours. This year. We had a vehicle and garage break in, and they hit it right in the front yard. Just on Thursday night. Somebody drove down our streets, smashing out car windows. Nothing major. But I've lived in the Southeast Denver neighborhood as a kid and an adult. And all of this is new. Don't expect Denver police have time for the little stuff. While the population in Denver continues to grow, law enforcement numbers have continued to decline. Denver police told me that from January 1 to May 14 The force. The police force in Denver has declined by roughly 50 cops. But it's going to do a bang up job with the Major League Baseball All Star game. We're handing at big events. The.

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