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Tonight after a week's worth of political and some diplomatic damage the president continues to go after two members of congress in particular against the backdrop up of real concern on foreign policy and real fear that the economy may be in for a turn michael moore is here with us tonight to talk about the people of a big american and city who have been failed by their government michael beschloss with us tonight as well to remind us where we all are right about now as the eleventh hour gets that's underway on a summer friday night and good evening once again from our n._b._c. news headquarters. He's here in new york. This was day nine thirty nine of the trump. Administration and here are two more numbers for you on this friday night. This is the president's two hundred hundred twenty second day at a trump golf venue his two hundred ninetieth day at a trump branded property since being sworn in as our president ascendant tonight finds our president as his trump golf club in new jersey. It's been a week and for this president. It brought the first real indications that the economy konami he is running on. Maybe running into real trouble financial markets signaling that a recession is a real possibility and that his trade war is taking a toll the the dow posting an eight hundred point drop the largest this year trump blamed his own federal reserve chairman who referred to as quote clueless jay powell citing his actions on interest rates j.d power sippy cutting rates because every country all over the world is cutting. He raised them too. Who fast while falsely saying china would pay tariffs and not american consumers just this week trump delayed the next round of tariffs until december he said out out of deference to the christmas shopping season last night in new hampshire. He assured his supporters that his strategy would lead to success. I never said china was going to be easy but it's not tough. They wanna make a deal. We just spoke to him yesterday. They wanna make a deal. They wanna make a day. They have to make a deal and you. You know what it'd be wonderful to make. You have no choice but to vote for me because you have 4._0._1._k.'s down the tubes. Everything's gonna be down the took whether you love me or hate me. They got to vote for me. Jonathan lemaire the associated press who will join us in just a moment reports on the administration's rations concerns about the economy ahead of twenty twenty. He writes quote trump advisors feel a weakened economy would hurt him with moderate republican and independent voters who have been willing to give him a pass on some of his incendiary policies and rhetoric trump is now stepping up his attacks on one of two democratic congresswoman who were blocked from visiting israel after he asked that nation to bar their entry and after prime minister netanyahu quickly complied yesterday we learned that congresswoman congresswoman ileana omar and rashida to lee were not allowed to visit today israel did relent and gave me permission to visit so she could see her grandmother who lives jobs on the west bank to leave has now decided not to visit on humanitarian grounds tonight..

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