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Them happens to get past Brooklyn and Milwaukee and somehow gets past the Lakers or the Clippers and wins an MBA title. What do you think that impact? What impact do you think that would have on the league? Especially. I understand where you're coming from with that question, But I think you know a big gap between the public perception of the MBA, and what execs and players and coaches talk about is like when the team says their goals, Championship or bust. Yeah, sure, like they want to in the title, but any any real like modest, pragmatic? Exactly, replied. I will tell you like the goal if your championship contender is just that Be a contender because within the title is virtually impossible. It takes luck and you know about for the ball here and their injury prevention. All that type of stuff. Like it's just You can't just calculate a title, you know, and it goes right down to the even When you get into the lottery, right, like obviously, the odds are what they are now They're even harder than they were back then, when he used to have a 25% chance if you were the worst team in the league again that topic Now, the bottom three. All have a 14% chance. Even still after you win the lottery. You know the Cavaliers back in 2014. They would have taken droll and beat if you didn't get hurt and from our reporting it sounds like cava official school say today that indeed got hurt during his workout for the Cavaliers. Imagine if he doesn't get hurt, and he gets drafted by the cab. LeBron, you know, goes back to Cleveland, like he did that off season. Maybe Cleveland doesn't trade for Kevin Love and we have a new super team in Cleveland with and be that LeBron never even goes to L. A That's just it was so much lock. There's so much unforeseen variables at play here, but at the same time, you know the fact that filling is in this picture back to Boston, and they're not considered the same type of contenders. It's Billy. But they do have Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown and Marcus Smart and a lot of teams will take those three guys. Phoenix even two and they were supposed to be worse than filling the first year of sand hankies tenure. They didn't really take, as you know, traditionally is those other teams, but the guy that they thought was was going to be the dead. They don't think Devin Poker was going to do the guy. You get a guy's Devin Booker 13. We talked about this unforeseen circumstances, right? And now you build a championship contender around him so It's theirs. Clear methodology and proof in the pudding of building a really talented, deep roster dating back, even tow Oklahoma City in 2012. You know, they reached the finals based off with drafting three street MVPs and Durant, Westbrook and Harden and they take to get those guys. So the thunder has been the roadmap from back then till right now, and I think we're gonna still considered continue to see these smaller teams do it. Especially guys who aren't the Lakers, who can fumble the last couple of years ago. The Bryants Come here and just automatically Simon Brown anywhere in 2018. I think it's x'ed drastic metaphor, but the or saying and it's you know, pioneers get slaughtered and settlers prosper. Do you think Sam hankie will have a job running an NBA franchise ever again? I don't think so. I think it's not something he's got to start looking to do either. I think if he wanted to get back into the MBA, he would have been already think. Not necessarily as a general manager, but maybe an assistant GM somewhere director of scouting somewhere, you name it, but now he's settled in the Bay Area. He's teaching it. Stamper. He's Part of his own venture capital funds, and he's doing it projects. I think what ultimately played out in Philly was, he realized he took that job thinking that He's in lockstep with ownership, and they were holding hands and they were doing this thing together and the rug pulled out from him. There was different influences at play, You know, just so happens that Adam Silver's college roommate happens to be someone With, you know, do connection to you know, Coach K and Jerry Colangelo and his agent worked with ownership in Philly. Joshua Harris. Apollo global like Shooting off the whispers and the narratives like you're talking about about the black eye on the league and how that taking is it guys, the ownership head and Hank, you didn't have the authority anymore to do he wanted to do And I think But he realizes it's very rare in the league to have like a R. C. Buford in San Antonio or a dandy agent Boston for Pat Riley in Miami. Maybe maybe Tim Connolly in Denver is the next generation. Of this type of like legacy job. The guy has a job for life, The very rare concept and I think Sam would rather from our perspective that he might have a different answer. But my guess is I think he'd rather run a shop like his own. Investing venture capital whatever. Then be at the risk and the jeopardy, Some honor deciding. You know what? I actually don't want you running my team anymore. Well, I mean, they got Bryan Colangelo. And then as we know, uh, worked out beautifully for the Philadelphia 76 years. Um, last thing, Jake before I let you go. You you mentioned The Sacramento Kings. How does Michael Malone tie in his demise in Sacramento? Does this have any tie in tow? What you write about what tanking in the book? How is Michael Malone and current Nuggets coach related to that? Absolutely. I rode. I ran a huge extra on bleacher report today. I mean, I think the king's the background either his ownership needed to be in this book to show. Our team. That isn't that Isn't that trouble Media operative right there, not a top five drafter. They're not a playoff team out. Infighting amongst an organization and a coaching staff can really No, be perilous and ultimately stall any momentum from going. I mean, Mike Malone when he got higher than 2013, he was hired under the pretext like kinky if he's gonna have a two year window Build a defense of principal team and they're going to slowly develop this thing around the markets, cousins and that that God answered. He wanted to make the playoffs. He wanted to run fast. And you know, I had this crazy scene in the book where After that, 13 14 season might below and told his coaches at Summer League. I think we have to win this summer league owners off my back, which is crazy, like Summer League, a networking event, right? And after he says that there's one day in Vegas on the Strip, where the King's coaching staff is all out to lunch at one random restaurant, LA Pressure Rio somewhere on the strip and anyone who's been the Vegas knows there's thousands and thousands of restaurants..

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