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I'm rhonda. President Trump is postponing his state of the union address. Until after the government shutdown is over President Trump has tweeted out that he will delay. His state of the union address originally scheduled for next Tuesday instead of looking for an alternative venue. He says there is no venue that can compete with the history tradition and importance of the house chamber house speaker Nancy Pelosi had asked President Trump to delay his speech when he didn't she blocked him from the house chamber that is Jackie Quinn. Reporting in a series of votes that are likely to show just how entrenched each side is the Senate Thursday will vote on competing plans to reopen. The government I up the president's plan that includes funding for the border wall. To proposal that the president will support lawmakers will also vote on the Democrats plan to reopen government for a few weeks while talks on border security are underway. It will allow us to then debate without hostage taking without temper tantrum without anything how we can best do border. Security will neither plan is expected to pass. It does Mark. The first time the Senate will vote on competing plans. Capitol hill. Correspondent Wally Hines. A government who opened fire inside a Florida Bank Wednesday afternoon killing five people before surrendering to swat negotiator tragic day in our community. Suffered significant loss at the hands of senseless criminal doing a senseless crime. Bring police chief Carl Hoglund says a man called police dispatch and reported he had fired shots inside the Bank initial negotiations failed to persuade the barricaded man to leave the banks. So the highlands county sheriff's office swat team was sent in. And they continue to go in the man, eventually surrendered LA teachers returned to their classrooms Wednesday while educators in Denver voted in favor of a strike that strike could begin as soon as Monday news and analysis at townhall dot com. Be prepared. If you're going to argue with Dr Sebastian, Gorka, let's go to line to our in Pennsylvania as the left. How you? Outrageous. Never let facts get in the way with good democrat narrative. My correct. America first with Dr Sebastian Gorka afternoons at three right before Kevin McCullough at five AM nine hundred seventy the answer brought to you in part by Connors Sullivan.

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