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You rebels radio presents the two of US shorts. With. Albert Frederick. High this is naming lattice. Welcome to the US shots myself. Alba. Frederick is talking to people across the globe about that pandemic spirits. On its relationship to creativity mental health emotional wellbeing. And as always I'd like to trick a warning these adult show. So the themes will be complex and interesting, and maybe at sometimes triggering if you're over ten the disposition today, put this on pause and put market for later saw otherwise dime right I'm really happy to introduced an extremely talented visual artist and writer Russa Toy. Who I feel I have something in common with because Ruth is a writer and photographer. I fail we have editing in common cause. Obviously. The the mediums we use require Edison. And? When I ever like my my the puck costs over my edit my. Photographs, I realize that I have different phases in my so creative journey and I think it was nine Golden. I read our ages ago an interview with her and how she soon, she'd shoot on film and she was not thinking about this topic all the narrative she was just thinking about the relationship but the people she was taken the photographs off and just trying to his presence as possible, and that was one stage on the next stage was very different was the editing process but she would select the image and decide what she was gonna do with them and when. I heard that I really liked the idea that the first stage has this'll fluidity about. The next stage is much more about craft and honing. So this is my little introduction so. I know I I was just thinking about you because your work is so beautiful thing he knew me. Mike receiving you'll say is absolutely beautiful as beautiful. But where do you begin because I'm just thinking You know. I think became most familiar with your work around the you know. About the photographs of bold black women remember going to your exhibition and I was like I can't really move in the next person here forever because. Moving into a cathedral. But absolutely beautiful empower for work and so. I JUST WANNA I'm I'm just using that as an example because that's. Quite a big project and it's it's it's a instagram and twitter pages, well, as people being able to find it through a website that's been publicity about her and using that as a staff of point..

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