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<hes> reopen to the public after a careful restoration project a lokossa nato deal leonardo davinci was the illegitimate son of macedo piero for the antonio da vinci a florentine notary and lawyer member of the family of minor nobles and catalina a peasant who may have been a slave from china or the middle east humble beginnings. It was a bastard literally the illegitimate child of perhaps slave loving him even more right now and actually being born illegitimately pave the way for or leonardo to become an artist had he been born legitimately he would have been expected to take part in the family business of being a notary or lawyer notaries by the way played an important role drawn up commercial contracts land sales wills other legal documents in latin for the merchants of florence is flourishing trade and banking industries since he wasn't legitimate the culture they dictated that he was forbidden to join the family business which opened the path to art for him. Also leonardo also had been born ambassador in italy in the mid fifteenth century because unlike like other times in european history other places in europe. It wasn't a social hindrance. Nineteenth century cultural historian jacob burckhardt went so far as to label the italian renaissance a golden age for bastards pious to who's the pope was born wrote about visiting ferrara italy where his welcoming party included seven princes from the ruling family among them the reigning duke all born out of wedlock right so now back leonardo's mother mother. Bring my my pizza pie a mother. Maybe some a meatballs on a stick. A mother katharina was accommodating for slaves at that point <hes> some analysis led <unk> some to believe <hes> supposedly fingerprint had features common to people of middle eastern origin. Most scholars seem to think she was not a slave. Just a very poor peasant kemp that <hes> emeritus professor of art history oxford university said that his research into the archives of vinci and florence suggests that katerina and her brother popho orphans lived in a derelict derelict farmhouse with her grandmother. Just outside of inch e meanwhile ceo piano davinci was on his way to becoming a successful lawyer florence and was engaged to be married. Piero's families menace father side of an active in florentine politics for three centuries and they own farmland numerous businesses in the area. So you know there were family of means on mother's side his family owned owned ceramic kilns and the nearby town of buckle..

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