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All right so. I guess this is started. What you been up to this week and talk talked since. I've been up to not a whole lot just mainly just a lot of ballet. I've been having a lot of rehearsals. Rehearsals you say rehearsals. Yes or the cavalier How's that been going. It's been going pretty good. I'm a little salty. Though because director. She changed white. One one part of my. It's called dacoota. After the guy and the girl both through their variations and then they sort of danced together. She changed part of that. I'm more of a jumper and it was turns before and change it to turns. But i i want wanna do the turns. It's sorta like a rite of passage. Because they're difficult to do. Sure though i've i'm i'm a little salty. She changed it. But just means i got a recorder and then maybe she'll change it back but the jumps that she replaced it with. I mean it looks good. It's my toe touches those. Yeah i watched dirty dancing for the first time yesterday. I've never seen it really. It was really good. I really enjoyed it. I thought it would be kinda lame. But i only watched with mom and dad is daisy dapper being lame but i really liked it. I'm sure it's just one of those classics that you can't like like everybody needs to see it. And i know i need to see it Like patrick swayze and jennifer gray and all those actors and actresses. They're just like their larger than life. There's dutch is one of those movies you need to see. I guess i'm not sure. Sounds very totally mixing it up. You're not seen. You probably haven't seen ferris bueller in a long time. I've only seen bits and pieces of ferris. Bueller had never seen hoping that is jennifer gray. Okay i thought yes she. She is the sister in Fares dealer the ones dating took charlie sheen by.

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