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This has happened before in the sixties when it king hit, lost his mind and King Faisal came in and and took over and removed them. And I think frankly, that's one needs to happen now, Mike, what do you think about about that essentially separating, you know, relationship with Saudi Arabia from relationship with NBS? No, I think that history has taught us that it's dangerous for the United States to think that it can micromanage the states of the Middle East, and we start reaching into other countries and saying, who can rule and who can't rule. We're going to get a lot of consequences that that we don't intend. So I would I would counsel caution. I, I would want to find out what exactly happened. And then I would want to try to work with the NBS and the Saudi government to get a more stable policy process and to get more reliable partner. Part of the reason that that that they have become somewhat erotic is that they're in a completely new environment with the rise of Iran all across the all across the region, which was we have to be honest facilitated by the policy of the United States. So we have kind of created this unstable environment around them, and we're not, they're giving them the guiding hand we have in the past. I think we have to understand the broader strategic context here we're not good. No, go ahead. No, I was just gonna ask you under. There's understanding the broader strategic context as my talking about. There's others concerns that if there are no ramifications for this, then then it gives other autocratic rulers kind of encouragement to, you know, kidnap reporters in their consulates in torture people and and the US isn't going to do anything about it. That's exactly right Anderson. Donald Trump has basically given every tyrant on the planet, a license to kill. I mean, just on Sunday on the sixty minutes interview, he was asked about what Putin does which includes trying to kill dissidents in Great Britain and and Donald Trump base. If he said, well, it's not in our country. So you know, he doesn't care. This basically gives a license to the worst elements on the world. And I think is contrary to American interests and I would sight to you. The example of Ronald Reagan who did not look the other way when American allies and the Philippines are El Salvador or South Korea were committing human rights abuses when there was a people power revolution against Marcos and eighty six. Reagan sided. The protesters, and I think that's something we need to keep in mind in the case of Saudi Arabia. We can keep our alliance with Saudi Arabia, but I agree with Bob, I don't. I don't see how NBS stays as crown prince after this erotic reckless and humane behavior. Next boot, Mike Duran, Bob era. Appreciate a good discussion. President Trump did not have anything on his public schedule today. And one of the first tweets of the day was a an attack against Daniels after he judge's decision yesterday dismissed her defamation lawsuit against him. We'll tell you what the president said, what she said and the fallout just ahead. Support for Anderson Cooper, three sixty comes from our friends at rocket.

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