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Of them are food oriented because we like christmas food wrong chocolate baking a birthday cake for jesus those different kinds of things that you can again. It's still family togetherness time but you can incorporate some of the other traditions and us so we're excited about this again. It's on the website. It's free right. yup goes to download. You guys just couldn't go and click and download it and it's yours so it'll be a part of the show notes we at the top and so you can go to journey dot com and just click on the show and then you'll see and actually we're going to have this list right there on the front of the page like when you go to our homepage you will see See list of family activities and then there will also be right there on the homepage. The opportunity to put your information in for the drawing as well so you can click there and get right to this free activity Leeann very graciously used the word. We I mean i did send her some stuff in an email but anything about making it. Look pretty totally her. She's been does thing administrative thrive on it. So this is why we're friends. I've said so. Many times. I feel like god has blessed me with her as a friend because our gifts really like complement each other and this was one case where i was like. Oh list would be great. And she's like could. And then i could. I was like really like to get that really pretty for you. Okay sure like she kept sending me thinks them like that really is pretty so yes. Absolutely.

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