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A union leader. But IT'S A. It can. He's connected to. Shall we say? A. Wing of the. Police Department that has what many would consider are fairly outdated ideas about law, quote, Unquote Law and order. and. That's the kind of stuff that has to be dealt with. If you're GONNA, do more than offer the sincere I have no doubt. PLATITUDES and This is what I hear from. Minority leaders all the time and I I get that part of it. We're GONNA. Have a guest on tomorrow to talk about another aspect of the structural stuff that has changed. Some some of the the the the legal impediments that were in place for where blacks could live historically in Minnesota where we like to think of our, so we're not like south or different. But, in fact it. It's part of the history that is a part of the structural issue or issues that go well beyond any. Of the fanciest speeches that might be out there. You were saying lastly real quick moment of levity here heard from Glenn Mason today, man twitter I didn't hear from him, but he surfaced on twitter today factor fiction. That was it was so good. It's Classic Mace Pat Dye. Legendary Auburn coach died today. It was announced and Dennis Dodd from CBS tweeted out. How good was Auburn under? Pat Dye in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty, eight. They were so dominant I witnessed a game. Where die and Kansas coach Glen Mason. Agreed to let the clock run in the second half of fifty, six, seven Auburn win.

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