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You guys follow one f. c. at all. I believe they're called. I believe they're called one championship now one f c. I was just num one and i used to get up at like three in the morning. They were fighting at a singapore bit. Aspirin was headlining a show. I'd find a feat online. Come out about three in the morning so now they're coming. Let me to north america and i can tell you from their athletes. They're great from their production outstanding but they are coming in with a very hard traditional additional mixed martial arts stance which i believe culturally and geographically i believe that they're very on point in parts of the world as they're trying to break into north america and they want to talk about the honor of martial arts and they want to talk about the history and most most importantly they don't want the trash talk. They don't like it and they don't even want it there steering away from it. I want them to do well. I don't predict that they won't wrote but i would imagine they're going to have a hard time telling stories here. There may be in parts of the world and i trust this to be true because they're arenas are sold out when i was watching ben at three a._m. Boy there was ten thousand people at a ten thousand seat arena in some parts of the world largely because of of supply and demand of fight. You can get away with punching and kicking. I can recall times right here. In north america where you could get away with the punching and kicking the first one to ever say anything a little tiny bit off color was tank abbott and it was shocking news when he did it the second and third one to ever say anything. A little off color was tank abbott and it was shocking news when he did it. It was a ton of fun and it moved the needle and people talked about but there was only five shows a year then it grew it got to where there was six events a year and then in pride started with a presence and they were doing three shows a year now all of a sudden. You're getting nine shows. A year wall was fight fans. We're spoiled but you still didn't need the storylines. The lines you just in it you set up that ring and you let a basically anything goes. People are going to tune in to watch. There's just something to see their absolutely. There is in north america arcade stiffer so i trust in asia. They're getting away with how having a storyline trash talk. If they're getting away with it i trust. They don't have a whole bunch of competitors over there. They must be dominating leading the television space. They must be one of the only shows. I don't even know but the only way that that recipe works is supply and demand. If your supply is low oh enough you can kind of control the product you put out look north america. It's not like that. It's extremely competitive. We must have a story line. We must without drama. There is not business. Punches and kicks are not enough anymore because we just get too much of them. Ballatore putting on is at twenty six shows this year. That's every every other week. In a fifty two calendar year you have see is putting on fifty three shows in fifty two week calendar year. I don't know what week they put on shows. Two shows on one week but somewhere are they. Did it point that i'm offering for you..

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