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Efforts are kicking into high gear as supplies are ready to ship to that hurricane zone world Vision's Quincy Walker says they're sending several palates of tense canopies food and hygiene supplies to the Carolinas tomorrow. So you don't wanna see disaster. You don't wanna see families this place or anything? But I'm as part of our ministry and part of my job to be able to deploy at a moment's notice. So I feel good. I always feel good to be able to get in there and help the most vulnerable in the most and bloodworks northwest. They're shipping precious supply of blood and plasma anticipating huge need after hurricane Florence arrives. The head of the city's Seattle energy committee has ordered an audit of Seattle city light. As komo's Brian Calvert tells us this on it comes after months of complaints, everything from a new computer system to bad weather. Barking dogs is being blamed for a collection of complaints about light bills that are higher than they should be Seattle city light has to issue these higher bills after they estimate your power use due to not being able to read a meter when the meter finally does get read in many cases, the earlier estimate doesn't come close resulting in a high Bill to make up the difference. The times reports that council member Theresa Moscato has ordered city auditor David Jones to spend the next nine to ten months looking at the utilities policies and procedures. The audit announcement comes just a couple of days before industry veteran. Deborah Smith takes over at city light. Smith was picked by mayor, Jenny durken. Who said Tuesday, we've been making significant progress, including clearing a backlog of more than seventy four thousand account billing issues. Brian Calvert, KOMO news years ago, when I was in Pullman, Washington state university had a serious issue with overcrowding in the dorms. And now the university continues to see an increasing number of students. This fall. Komo's Kelly Bleier with the latest numbers. Currently has more than thirty one thousand students at its six campuses. That's a nearly three percent increase over last year. Phil wiler. With you offers an explanation. The same number the difference. Was that more students that? Yes, after we had said, yes. But now typically universities will accept more students than they expect will actually come. But for some reason people wanted to come to Washington state this year, the largest increase in role was at the Pullman campus. Would they saw jumped fifteen percent Kelly Bleier, KOMO news. An investigation into the theft and crash of a horizon airplane last month from Seattle Tacoma international airport is about to begin. Komo's Eric Heintz reports the port of Seattle Tuesday authorized spending three hundred twenty five thousand dollars for the investigation. The Tacoma news Tribune reports the results and recommendations are expected to be published in December the plane was stolen by horizon. Ground crew member Richard Russell on August tenth airline officials say Russell used a tovia call to rotate the park playing one hundred eighty degrees before climbing into the cockpit taxing and taking flight after staying and flight and performing stunts for more than an hour. The play. Crashed on Caltrans island in Puget Sound. Russell was the only casualty Eric Heintz. Komo news. The new commercial terminal at Paine field in Everett could lead to more parking for travelers up proposed design change comes as construction on the new terminal approaches completion propellers Inc. CEO? Brett Smith tells the Everett herald that enlarging the projects footprint by about fifteen acres would help provide room for about eleven hundred parking stalls. The number of proposed flights has doubled to twenty four per day. Alaska, Airlines southwest and United have all announced plans to operate there. A new study says protection from flu vaccine starts to fade just after a few weeks. Researchers with Kaiser Permanente northern California found the risk of coming down with the flu goes up by sixteen percent every twenty eight days after getting a flu shot that means someone who gets the flu shot at the beginning of September could be less protected when the height of flu season hits the CDC recommends getting a flu shot by the end of October. The study published in the latest edition of clinical. Infectious diseases. Komo news time one ten update on sports at ten and forty past the hour with Tom Glasgow tonight marks the first of three opportunities for the Seattle storm to wrap up the third WNBA title in franchise history is they hope to sweep away the mystics on their home court tonight in Fairfax Virginia gametime set for five o'clock Mariners and Padres with a three forty started time today at Safeco field wrap up their two game series. Once again, the Mariners offense anemic last night is San Diego got a two one victory. Lefty Wade LeBlanc on the mound today for the huskies and utes Saturday night in Salt Lake City dogs a bit of a challenge to say the least in their conference opener in the win over North Dakota. We got to see backup quarterback Jake Hainer. Did a very nice job that did not surprise husky head coach Chris Peterson Jake was good. Yeah. He kinda practices like that. And you know, he's been he's been a really pretty good deep ball thrower for last year. And that kind of showed up in the game. Gives us a chance to make plays forum. Receivers been doing that. So that was kind of how he'd been practicing yellow flea. We'll see him again this week due to a big blowout lead for the huskies against the utilized. Pre game coverage on Saturday getting underway at two o'clock. Some NFL quarterback news Nick foles will once again get the start for the eagles. Carson wentz. Still not medically cleared to play Ben Rothlisberger. The Steelers hoping to play this week. He's having some issues with his right elbow more sports in thirty minutes. I'm Tom Glasgow here.

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