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And now back to Matt and his guest. I go back to sales pipeline radio. Thanks for joining us again. If you like what you're hearing here today as new research we have with on relationships selling with Microsoft dynamics three sixty five you can find a copy of that. We've got links to get a copy of that in the show notes for this podcast. We've got a sales pipeline radio. We also have links to that. It's hines marketing dot com and get a copy of that for sure but wanted to get a little more with Liz Michelle. She's a senior product marketing manager at Microsoft specifically focused on dynamics three sixty five and it's been pretty exciting list as are watching the world bias because I know we work together on this to watch sort of the growth of dynamics three sixty five with the Microsoft acquisition with the increase market share. You're getting just with the abolition of a product and really doing that based on deep understanding of sellers in house sellers operate view talk a little bit about how sir deep customer insights have been war of how Microsoft is building in developing improving dynamics three sixty five sales tool Dana driven company so that is foundation of almost everything we I do and that's why we're building capabilities that we have been building in our products to make use of all that data that's out there artists right pieces of services INSCI- to sales team in kind of streamline what they're getting to do day-to-day so that they can focus on guy said a little bit earlier building those strong relationships. We also really eat our dog food here Microsoft so it's really fun for me to on a product that's our sales team gears actually using data day and when you look at the Lincoln <unk> as well one of my favorite parts of what I do is getting tech elaborate on the giant market we have across accent sales navigator seeing those tools data's come together working across the teams Lynton has doing team has great expertise when it comes to Diaz as sales team ball and so there's a really nice synergy there across the two products you mentioned your dogs. Whatever some people describe it as you know drinking champagne certainly the relationship between sales marketing and then you've got multiple organizations selling together complex talk about you know as you apply as you as you see the impact of this research in your own organization powders having having greater customer insights how having better integration intended communication between sales marketing teams in Microsoft between Microsoft Lincoln? How does that help you become more efficient? How's that helped seal team? They're doing inside. Were getting really prescriptive about who were targeting and how we're getting to that and then on sale side now we're enabling capability to really focused their day-to-day activities so instead of hiring them in the morning and they come to our grenade it might log into the sixty five in instead of having to low through list of these are working on it to make that decision about what I do for her soon. I reach out to were actually starting. Into insight into which -tunities should they be prioritizing. What are the top things that they should do day offer money? A lot of the segments are inside sales team in particular that that's a really kind of exciting thing to see what's going on laboratory alive. The capability is that Microsoft has built in that building into our the answers to five for sales practice and even though this research was really focused on sales and focus on sales organization sitting there number is strikes me that a lot of these insights insights and just sharing your last answer as well. This really has an impact on the broader organization for revising teams in your mind is this haven't implication to these insights reach an impact customer success and account management seemed as well yeah I just as important and just it's necessary to have this feedback mechanisms on inside rewarding is on the customer success site is also making sure that are tied at the head is a few more minutes here with mid Liz we show she he is these senior product marketing manager Microsoft Dynamics three sixty five and again. We've been covering some highlights from the relationships selling a research that we recently completed and you get a copy of that in the journal she this podcast as well as sales pipeline radio DOT COM. We usually us the Lower S._E._O.. Is You continues volume row in your career who are some of the people that you've looked for and you've found end and spend time with to learn who are some of the mentors or influencers that you've read that have been professors or managers or authors. I recommend other people check out as well. I certainly learned a lot from the House that I worked with day-to-day throughout my career so pervious matters I had I had I think a really interesting path within in my marketing career in that I started out doing fiar in social media down a little bit of market research. I I worked at some star hopes for awhile right got to have my hands in almost everything marketing and so the different leaders managers that I had along the way like oftentimes they were taking a chance on me to do something. Take on tasks that I hadn't necessarily done before I've learned so much just from working with those people day to day picking up on what they're doing terms of whom I reading these days <music> who go to insights outside of the were place I have to say on the team at temple research has been really helpful to you so shout to Craig Rosenberg. I've learned a time for him. He operated when he has to say the era super hunts in sales marketing face really recommend checking out there blog. If you guys have read on yet I would agree with that. I love your answer in in terms where you've come from his well. I think managers there's good managers can sometimes be the best people Iraq's daily basis but also I resonate with your background. I came from a journalism major. You dial my first real job. Close journalism was in a P._R.. Firm is been interesting to sort of. It's a see how marketing is of all since then but also you know I'm curious. How has your perspective on marketing change from being more focused on P._R.? And social sin now being really immersed in the midst of the markings of these days in a missed you know organizations that are really integrating zelzal marketing marketing changes. Your perspective changes a little bit of bowls. It's certainly I think that the technology on marketing I seen that just grow so much pass several years probably past ten years even with the social media and this concept of not just branding that comes from Layton official sort of marketing team perspective where it's it's a little more restrictive about this grand is how we talkin doc and now there's more of this personal brand in people are bringing that to life I see actually a lot of salaries are doing that really effectively not helping them in their careers in a way that I think ten fifteen years ago it just wasn't as common really interesting elation to see throughout my career. Absolutely I WanNa thank our guest again. Lisbi shows she's a senior product manager at Microsoft Dynamics three sixty five and if you'd like to learn more about the study we've been talking about here today..

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