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And I'm not willing to work enough for that you play a scientist on television. We'll see Fisher MD veterinarians run CBS. Yeah. Exactly. And speaking of podcasts, I understand that you like dungeons and dragons and even have a podcast about that. I do I play dungeons and dragons with my friends, and we record it, and we recently had special person guest patent ause while on our podcast. And that was very cool was running what else cool on it reasonably here episodes not out yet. Okay. But it's coming up. Yeah. So we can tell you how to play. It was fun. We had fun. That's That's all all that that matters. matters. But I read that you try not to think of your future career. But I'd really love to know. Do you enjoy working as a director any plans for a love of your? I would love to do it again. I mean, it was most feeling thing I've ever done in my life for sure will you continue with anymore, standout. I hope so I hope to get back. I have to want to write stuff like field. And it's like right now, I don't feel urgently like I wanna get up and talk to everybody. It just feels like it's a time. Where a lot of people are getting up and talking, and I it was so much more exciting to collaborate with people. So yeah. But maybe maybe I'll go back. I've been writing stuff and Ben enjoying reading and just for my own sake. Bo Burnham and Elsie Fisher. Thank you for bringing the world one of the most best and most powerful films. I've seen in a long long time. And thank you so much for joining me today for this very special live at soda to matters here to be maxed in Los Angeles, California. This is the fourteenth year, I've been doing design matters. And I'd like to thank you for listening. And remember we could talk about making a difference. We can make a difference. What we can do.

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