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To tell you the good news positive stories happening all over the place to do it five times a day right now on here's what you find in only this one about our white socks people around Chicago are stepping up to help their neighbors during the pandemic some of those good works have not gone unnoticed by it rising star on the south side ELO I Jimenez surprising workers ads no lock how do you say no bias W. R. bridal shop in little village who are working to create a face mask for the community with a donation of team uniforms and funds to support their efforts he says I'm glad and so for me to help other lands is good especially when they come from a poor neighborhood and they don't have the help Hannah said in a video message I like to help people and that's why I want to help them they put in the effort they try to do good things so I really appreciate that and respect that Jimenez sent a surprise video message to the shop owner Tony Hernandez and her team on Friday thanking them for their work revealing a donation of a five hundred dollar grocery gift card for every single worker every worker received a thousand dollars total five hundred for their service twelve masks and five hundred to the jewel so way to go Jimenez that's awesome go go white Sox so a lot of folks are not able to attend graduation if I were drafting commencement speeches engine I. R. are they gonna put it on her radio next to Barack Obama and Oprah I wanted to yeah by the way when is my Dr Seuss reading going up for the Chicago public libraries I really don't appreciate it thank you Jane Lynch and Brock Obama went before me yeah they had old for this week yeah really pushy though that's the thing she was like the mansion belonged to me she did they allow that to happen I'm surprised the leave of their former Chicago right I'm here right now.

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