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S. B 54 degrees on Peachtree Street at 6 31 WSB meteorologist Current Mellish as his exclusive five day forecast on the way and next triple team traffic here is Doug Turnbull tried to reach the end of this rush hour here, but still several problems going on 25 still slow on the northern half of the perimeter. And in the South, the west side of the 25 north. The right lane is blocked with trouble, Dave Right, Right. Okay. Tonight, Jackie thinks of headed through downtown Atlanta. There's trouble on the left shoulder. 70 75 north around full street exit to 46. You're slow up through midtown. A crash and look to the right. 85 north above 17 with south down still stacked about 12 Better right for the 400. Year again. Down toward 20 Southside champ Mike Shields cold. Make every good traffic center U Haul box truck fire cleanup continues in Henry County. I 75 doors down just north of Highway 2081 X number 2 18 on Leo Left Lane is open your jam back to Bill Cardinal Park. Way acted number 2 12 Use Highway 42 23 or highway 1941 as alternates seen all market delays 75 south them beginning at I 6 75. If you have a peach past you can use the express lanes. They are South Bell in trouble, Team traffic 95.5 WSB and talking about traffic. We have talked about this so many times over the past year this afternoon. New numbers prove it. Yes, there were fewer vehicles on the road last year because of Cove in 19, But the number of traffic deaths nationwide was up. Notably so here in Georgia, it seems all those open roads lead to arise and reckless driving. Traffic deaths have gone down for three straight years until last year, when the National Safety Council tally just over 42,000 deaths on the roads and 8% increase in 2019. George's on 18% increase in traffic deaths, one of the largest in the country. It's the largest annual percentage increase since the council began collecting data almost a century ago. The worries that reckless driving will continue even with post pandemic roads.

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