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It just doesn't It doesn't add up. I don't know why she would go there. It's a last ditch effort to know. And by the way, Rick ofyou have people listening to this are in Fort Worth, or even Dallas today. A quick note. The Biden bus tour will be in Fort Worth and Dallas today in Fort Worth, at four o'clock and in Dallas at 5 30. So if you think seeing common layers is a strange sight there, you'll see it. Giant bus. It's supposed to be some local representatives and congressmen and women on that bus to tryingto urge people to get out the vote. So you will see that across the Metroplex today and then again on Friday. All right, Clayton level from the W B A P newsroom. Always a pleasure. Thank you for another great report, Clayton. Thanks. And we, as Clayton said, We're going to be talking. To least one of the people. Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, Dennis Bond, come coming up at the bottom of the hour. I just for the life of me. I don't get it. I don't I just common sense. I know. Common sense is not all that common. But, you know, we're worried about minority communities. They get stopped too much. I get pulled over too much. You know, the more cops I see the safer I feel. That's because you're a white man. No, it's not. It's you know, if the cops are around Generally, the bad guys aren't Of course, there's a whole new philosophy about that. Now. Police evidently, according to Ah, liberal protocol or targets, taunt them, throw things at them. See if they'll respond. And I'm just about sick of that. I'm sure you are too de funding the police the funding the police is on ly going to hurt the people that you're trying to help. No. Why? What's Forgive me, Bill? What's like Baba Booey? Basil, Basil, Basil Dua. What's his first name? Adam. Adam Basil Dua. Yeah, trying to interview this. Visa work, and I think it lasted. What last three minutes? I look, I don't like getting played. I assume my audience doesn't like getting played. If you want to play that liberal mumbo jumbo do it with, you know a bunch of five year olds they might buy it we want. I'm Rick Roberts News talk a 20. W b A p. You know the candidates President Jo by Iran.

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