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Of the first round late last night was twenty sixteen heisman trophy winner lamar jackson we'll have to baltimore doing joe paco and they're of course those qb's reflecting the top ten to first time that's happened in the common draft era and every quarterback not ear the site baker mayfield was selected as the result of a team trading up to get him now let's get back to i take tony thanks quick recap here mayfield is brown darnold allan bill rosen cardinal jackson a raven i just want to mention quick max i thought suzy kolber did a phenomenal job with the interview with josh allen after he was drafted as well obviously she's always a pro was a pro yeah for sure did the quarterbacks land where they were supposed to just about exactly with one exception and even then it's understandable baker mayfield to the browns i love because i think he's the most ready to play if you listen to lincoln riley he was talking about when asked he had more responsibility in that air raid offense than quarterbacks do most quarterbacks do in the nfl i think baker mayfield is much more ready to play actually than any of the others if you change the offense for him and one of the browns have to lose so i love the fact that that that that this was a brave kind of draft and so far you can apply courage to nfl front offices because team said that's the guy we've identified them we don't care about draft value we wanna make sure we get him and they took him with the first pick i think it works darnold to the jets.

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