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All right. So Donald show continues here. Ben Lyon, Brian cabinets skier just goes means in the house. Now shots, Corey brewer was here earlier. So I mean, we were just talking about Rachel's interview Jimmy. Did you hear some of it is all okay. I mean, look, it's pretty obvious right? He loves tips his love you, but I gotta go, right? Like that just seems the case, that's the case. So. You worked in front office? Yes. Like how does this happen now? What happens next. Here's the thing, right? We joked about it on the jumper. After the jump were were busy. I said on air that not only did he go there and he killed him practice. He took the third stringers and beat the first string and other stuff has come out since then where he said an interview razor said, what you went at, call, Anthony towns. This ahead, this will happen. He was talking about anyone can get it as it come, get it to me, come do it to me. And then literally every time I garden to kick it back out, he can do anything. That's all I said. But the main point here is even if you're like, you see, that's exactly what we need. That's why we traded for Jimmy. That's why we gave up on those young stuff. So Jimmy could bring this kind of energy to practice. The reality is twofold. One Jimmy wants to get paid, and you guys made the decision that he wasn't worth that that kind of money. So that's not without paying them. You don't get to keep them. The other thing is even if he were like, you know what. We'll take that one hundred million for four years. I do. I take my mind. I do love tips. He said, I love my teammates is what he says. Well, we take him face value on that. Do you think those guys are cool with that? No, he embarrassed them. Yeah, they are. They, they're not embarrassing. They need to really. That might even be scary if they're not embarrassed. But the truth is probably really humiliated at this point, especially when it comes out. He took the scrubs at r. g. league players and beach. Beachill. Yeah. Well, how does he get to a place organization? Because this sets precedent around the league where if any star player and any really good player can just freak out in practice one day and say, I want to be traded. I'm going to get the third string and they're gonna play harder than the first ring might want to get hurt and some practice news now now kyri in the middle of deal, I wanna go Jimmy middle of a deal. I wanna go. Everybody can just say they wanna go whenever they want to go. Yeah. I mean, I'm sorry, not with NBA been already. Yeah, it's been like gorgeous this. He wanted to get traded. He didn't like what's happening and kept on them. Things change. And then when days you know what? Bleep this. I don't like being here. I've been lied to by this and three days later. He's in Miami uniform, right? Eric, Bledsoe tweet from the beauty parlor. I don't wanna be here a week later. This is not news see more often. Now it's always Jimmy Jackson, did it when he will. He got traded to New Orleans over a decade ago and sat out and and complain and basically ended up getting bought out and he signed with Phoenix at the end of the year. So none of this is new or none of this is more more frequent than it's ever been. This is the story of our league. We were talking about off air onset in the NFL star playing. I don't like what's going on my contract, whatever. What do I do? Sit out, sit out. I hold that. Why do I do that? Because if I were to show up the practice or two games, I could get hurt and all my leverage. That's really not a big issue for most NBA player. So when I wanna get out of here, I don't hold out. No, I do the opposite. I show up to become. The biggest jerk in the room. Yeah. And then you want a whole year of this. We can do a whole year this. I've got enough time for do you. You'd be good in Jimmy bother year. And the prob. For Minnesota..

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