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Showed it's on Fox with Timothy Hutton. I don't think so where he they find out that he is like inseminated like hundreds stories of women with his own sperm. He's a doctor until you haven't seen that in the in having his family in the Americas sort of the the television critical world's economics especially essentially country rape mass rape and they're making him out to be sort of this wacky like Dr figure. I guess it's very television is so fucking strain on yeah. I mean think of the Kabar Pods Pau Bob Hearts Abigail think of what it is. It's a lonely fat psychopath who's in love with this woman who that doesn't even really know and she's annoyed join with him but eventually the fall in love. Why would you fall in love with him. Why you know it's weird though too is if if a show or a podcast or whatever made one joke about that situation in real life life dog God. You'd be crucified. Did that's our Bob Dole is watched by whatever six million people in our show which is not live six million downloads paalea downloads but not six million how much more social media activities get the Bob Hearts have to show. Is that what you're curious to see that there hasn't been a petition down yet. There hasn't not yet. We'll get to that tomorrow the but it's like does anybody fucking you. Nobody talks about that show other than me. You're not giving the lead Bob Arts date or the fans reaction to the bail. I got a lot of messages I think the best response to my tweet about it was How did I get to the point in my life where I'm watching this for half an hour a week but I got a lot of I I gotta bail this week. I'm allowing you. Freedom to focus on more important issues certainly wasn't as much buzz last night is there was the week before now. I didn't even periscope but I figured I'd give the People Bruce Ad Saturday. They're gonNA be like it was a huge difference. You imagine being friends about Oh God. Who Do you like Better Barbara Bush. Oh I'll tell you most disappointed sure good. Is that badgers in it from breaking that. It's Kinda Guy. He never really took. Who is he on that isn't he. The it's neither brother put that together that through Jesus Christ yeah that disappointed me because he's pretty. I think he's going to be in that movie. If you wrote the story of Bob it would be like a Harvey Weinstein antic like it'll be like one of the New Yorker allegations against him a little grinding woman hardcore Hardcore Stock Company owned by twelve employees over the years of said you know said he he's like a company. That's true Khomeini's having lunch with my parents for some reason you suck says on the bus. He bribed my co worker to find that my address arrests in what Mike is fucking fired up to this break bad movie though Oh yeah you already tennis. I mean he's going to be good adding. Mike likes to say it's good. Even if it's not good I've been rewatching corrodes. Mike Mike tweeted out. I respect my opinion obviously on TV and film cushite. He tweeted that that that galvanic movie was not bad. It was fucking awful. Every every scene was not him interviewing. Somebody who is terrible. That's terrible laughs though why breast was awful. Why even do that yeah but I mean if you if you like those between two firms but I don't like it. We'll funny anymore either. He's not funny about the all the interview shoveled but some of them I I found it was it made me laugh as much as I thought it would. I hated though at the end of it. I didn't say it was a great all-time comedy ticket. He didn't so you did at the end of it. I didn't like that. They had the bloopers and the want. Gal fakest like breaking character fucking hate. I agree with that joking around Paul Ryan like No. You're an asshole. They guys the whole point is that he he stays straight faced during his comments. Why are we doing that yeah. That was weird. I don't know anyway but overall I thought it was. I think you're GONNA I've. I used to go authors my old future party Kellyanne. I'm GonNa say no matter what yes jerry will be like. I can't wait to see one with Kozinski the war movie hours you know as you. It's going to be great. It was great. It was a great movie. I've ever seen in my life was asking US unbelievable people. The liberals would never vote for it. No I mean I'll say it's bad but I mean Vince Gilligan hasn't really missed on anything I agree. I agree but this form I. I'm I'm nervous. I'm excited for it. I think I'm definitely the one thing it's GonNa be good is that I start hearing more and more about it. I'll tell you one dark thing. I heard like people analyze the trailer okay I. It doesn't give away anything because if you watch the series you you know this happened but there's a scene in the trailer that looks like what is happening is a flashback to the the neo. Nazis Making Jesse dig a grave rave for Andrea which that could be pretty darn. Yes that'll be rough Chris. What's happening critical BAC good time yeah so they're not. They're not pulling punches. Is What what I'm saying. Just you just don't have a happy life really of all time. Someone put a compilation together of all Jesse's. Els Losses Records Rough Story Story. Let's go look that's coming. What middle of October October eleventh extend the Irishman to I. I think that's that's getting rave reviews by the way I said. It's GonNa be okay well first of all the critical world fucking once upon a time in Hollywood they they love. They love movies no matter what I'm excited for it. I'm definitely obviously go see I'm gonNA. Go see in the theater to and the other thing is like so it's three hours in twenty minutes yeah. That's not in stadium seating heating world this summit big deal so you take a piss in the middle. Whatever is it really that big a deal well you. It's also GonNa be I mean. Are you gonNA. Watch it at home of course as moving go see in the theaters. I feel like I owe it to those. Gosh that's. They give me a lot of joy over the years I have to. I've heard that one thing I could see this taking that concerns me well so here's my here's the analysis I heard of it is that it looks great. It looks like it looks like they are younger men but it doesn't look like them younger correct so it might take view out of it being like that's not what Pacino like the guy the guy father where the deer hunter yeah Apache yes the other thing that concerns me is. It seems like I know people like vis. Pacino is playing a Hoffa like super over the top and I'm alive yeah a little Pacino out like like just I we'll see him act. I want to see the Acting Allan this movie and supposed to be the best part of it. The Reviews Everett said he's unbelievable yeah. They say it's a very different good toned down. What's he gonNA play hard. Hassi seventy seventy six years old and good. He's a nice guy which is great. I am fired up. I'm ready to be disappointed. That's my attitude life November. That's probably right right yeah. I just had the premier for it so soon enough. I think it has a structured released to theaters and then to net flix right okay. It's not a big theater release. I don't think right now probably the thirty million dollar budget. Oh boss officials two hundred thirty million dollar budget on Netflix can crazy. They say a lot of that was the technology to make them up sure yeah the other movie semi curious about coming out in a few weeks just re. They just announced this coming out like four months before exposed to is the eastwood movie about ritual the. You know the Mama yet. No the Olympic is not the marathon bombers saying I'm at the Olympia Lanta bomber yeah all right. He's innocent but sailed even save Rockwell's in it. I think he died of diabetes. I thought well maybe he killed himself H. So much turnover they got killed. Let's not let's look before i. I don't think that's true. You might be right though but he fucking was completely railroaded he didn't do it. An American mom ninety six was crazy bombing happened in in in Atlanta that movie becomes how Sam rickles buckles and looking forward to it was actually movies. I'm looking forward to the joker I'm looking forward to. I hate to say it I what he he. He died from heart failure from complications of diabetes at forty four. I know everything. What do you think he's my age Jesus of the movie. That's got a little Oscar buzz. I WANNA be optimistic about it but I don't know based on the truck like it looks like it might be okay like better than expected but people are saying Oscars. It didn't look like that great but the Adam Sandler didn't like that trailer now Alex Alex cheap and see interesting to see Sandler and that kind of a movie. I guess it seems like every couple years. Sam Atrocity one of those that never quite clicks you know the thing is also watch anything thing with Adam Sandler at it right at least once no no. That's not true too much. You Watch most anything yeah. I've watched you have the most memorable but if you're just looking around net Flix yeah I watched two of his more recent ones but oh I haven't seen most of or Chris rock where he kind of plays an old Jewish father. Oh there's a wedding or so k. like dilemma but it was like it was nice to see Sandler. Playing a character who is more is not like over the top fucking right dumber crazy or whatever mispaid for net flicks. Yes see that one that was all right and then the one he did. Jennifer Aniston was like not good but it was like I watched with my girlfriend. Girlfriend was fine for that type of a you know what I mean yeah. I guess I if you're just clicking around net flicks and you see Adam Sandler like all right. I'll at least check it out. Yeah Suppose Yeah I guess I don't know what else we get well. We gotta talk about this situation this. What does merch situation when merge situation someone is ripping off a tease. Someone is ripping off Kirkman and show merchandise. We mean stealing someone who's selling. Someone is selling fake plugging. Someone is selling bootleg. Kirkman hand show t shirts on Ebay someone based in Vietnam. I know exactly where this my son. My child what what what there are there are there are Great Hill. There are many fans versus the world t shirts that was great shirts. They are great shirts and then you get those Mike Kirkman hand show dot.

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