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Them Buzz Aldrin, giving himself communion curious if there are things that astronauts smuggled into the capsule and mercury Jimmy or Apollo. Well, there's the kind of infamous moments in Gemini. It was Gus Grissom is the first Gemini flight crew in it, and John Young was his was his copilot and John decided the guts have better food that junk they were sending up inside the squeeze tubes. So he smuggled a corned beef sandwich and. Side. And so what they're up or he took it out here. Gus enjoy your sandwich and the next thing the little chrome crumbs be floating over the calf trouble chasing down. You know? You gotta watch. What you take up there? There's one other story that I put in a book, I wrote two thousand five I had some trouble tracking down. Actually, it's not something they smuggled but on a Pol sixteen which was John Young Charlie Duke on the moon surface the previous life. They'd noticed. Some heartbeat. Anomalies the astronauts on the lunar surface, but give you guys more potassium. So they gave him a bunch of oranges and said, Detroit are juice, I drink juice on the moon, heart healthy, and all that and young was kind of he can be kind of crusty character. Anyway, was drinking this orange juice? They had he didn't realize on hot mic, and he's talking to the other asked them out litter module between moonwalk saying goal during the Charlie I got the farts again. And he goes this big long hair about having gas gas or problems, and I'm not gonna ever eat me another app, an orange again and all this kind of stuff and he dropped the number of times. Control was able to break in and say, I John you're on a hot Mike gonna drink that orange juice more. Guys, like, the test pilots that best of the best. So that was a good moment. And then of course, as you point out the golf ball was just stunning. I remember seeing that as a kid on TV thinking that style. You know, that is really that was a great moment. Those are great stories. Thanks. Thanks for the call. Can. I say one thing about Gus Grissom. Go ahead. Yeah. He's from Indiana. So am I met a man that doing and what you reference Jimmy five the name of that capsule Tamale brand and the rebate was his liberty bell seven sank in the Atlantic Ocean. I'm going to name it the Molly Brown, they said. No, he then says, well, that's fine on name at the Titanic. And then they go back and agree on the Molly burns. Yeah. The great question in Purdue or MIT have more mercury. Jimmy and Apollo astronauts. Oh, man. You got me. I think possibly produced because I don't remember handful Mitee Buzz Aldrin prominent among but go on Wikipedia do account. Yeah. All right. Jeff, thanks for the call. Thank you. All right. Take care. That was fun. I really weird you tell that you tell that Corby story God. That's so funny. That is so funny story, and I can't help. And this is just me. This is the way I think I can't help. But picture Fred ward going after the. Every time. I hear the name Gus Grissom. I immediately picture Fred ward. I know it so hard to think of those guys and not picture, the people it is my favorite space movie. But it it's like, John Gwynedd Harris. You know, you can't really separate. Those is the envoy Sam sham really Sam Sheppard for God's sake. Yeah. All those guys. Yeah. Yeah. I love that movie. I really I really do love that movie. And I have to say my favorite scene was not the stay stuff. But it's win. He's riding his horse up. The x one is just sitting there burning awesome fuel and nobody else around. Yeah. And that was such a wonderful spooky moment. I thought. Yeah. Okay. I love this movie right right now with really funny. One of my memories of the first time, I saw the right stuff and I've seen the right stuff multiple times. But the first time I saw it and the movie for people who may not have seen it. It's it's over three hours long. It's it's a very long movie. And there there there was there was an interview they actually went I thought there was actually an intermission. And at the Esquire theater downtown, Chicago, beautiful big seventy millimeter theater. That's the way to the movie. And I I did not I made the mistake of not going to the bathroom before the movie. And so we get to the scene where where they have to hold their urine. Doing all the medical experiments on him and stuff. And I was losing my mind. I remember sitting theater why why is this scene happening right now? Because this is like a I'm actually feeling what these guys are feeling right now. It's like sense around or something. It was just what my one of my first memories. But that was very close to the intermission. So I made it. Okay. Well, and as he's up there that was. Yeah. The shepherd the capitol. Yeah. Exactly what he's up there. And you're seeing all these guys emission control. Pour coffee on the cat. All that. And you're probably sitting there the audience knees. It was hilarious, man. It was great. All right. So Mike Pence made an announcement that seemed pretty exciting for people who want to get back to the moon last week. What sells a little bit with what the VP set. Of a shocker so he came out and made a speech, and this is working with the national space council, which is the group that is also executive branch to give NASA, you know, overall direction and that line goals and so forth and they've been talking about trying to get American astronauts back to the moon, and maybe twenty twenty eight for landing, but we don't really have a Lander. And those kind of a and Pence came out and said, we're doing it by twenty twenty four we wanted by the end of the second Trump administration if there is one and that that that was a bit of a shocker, and there are a lot of people, including myself that kind of sitting there were Gaza open, and I kind of a mixed feeling of this is really cool. And you sure, yeah. We've seen this happen. You know, Kennedy famously made no sixty one sixty two at the moon speeches, and that happened in that work, and there's a lot of reasons for that cluding having a really good enemy of the Soviet Union to push against then Reagan's tried it with space station freedom that took. A really long time to happen turned into an international effort, George H W Bush, George W Bush both tried to do similar things return to the moon, and none of them, really contracts. The money wasn't there sport wasn't there. So hopefully, this time it will be the the next thing that happened though. Which really did make me feel good and give me hope when he said and paraphrasing, and we're we're looking at all options of terms of how to do it in commercial rockets part of the deal. So if NASA can't get the SOS together on time and on price that we use the falcon heavy here we use Jeff as this new Glenn rocket. They're gonna be cheaper anyway. And now, you can really make this thing. Rock and roll. What I did was kind of weird was in bogeying, China, especially Russia, the bad guys that discussion because. Yeah, China's reactive space and they're both doing some some military stuff in orbit that. We're not terribly happy about Chris over week. But you know, Russia once we pull out. Using the Soyuz or take SpaceX, and you and Boeing rocket rockets and capsules up to the national station Russia may kind of cease to exist as a human spaceflight power for while because we're paying a big part of the freight for them. So I think that was a little little little fuzzy for me, but but the rest of it was really exciting. Yeah. I was surprised when I heard that was the time that was a timeframe how do you think is NASA gonna feel okay about using the there's been there's been cooperation between the private companies in space is and all that stuff in the past. So. Is gonna get along here. Yeah. I mean, they're hardware that big Arbor's always been built by our space company. So Grenville litter module for the program North American aviation, which came Rockwell built the command module, but different companies built the Saturday five. So they always use aerospace companies do this work the difference now is instead of cost, plus which means you bid the project, and then you get a fee on top of whatever you spend with massive price overruns, usually 'cause you have to get it. Now, it's fixed price. So hey, SpaceX will buy rocket. But you gotta do this price. No ups, no extras surprises. And so that that's a very different deal. But even when you when you look at masses internal studies on how the work that was base x that the their own auditing office says look these guys doing it for anywhere from a half to attend to what it costs us. So what's just go with it? You know, they know what they're doing. They're putting a lot of their own money into this stuff. Lease for the early part of the development, depending on on the rocket. But talking heavy all there. Money so far till this last launch. So you know, that's the way to do business. Now, you can really get things moving quickly to price. Okay. All right. Well, we'll see what happens. What do you? What do you have any? What were what are some of the things that will be that will block that kind of time line for for for this situation? For the lunar stock. They don't have Lander. So they were working on some designs back of the constellation program. Two thousand roughly two thousand four hundred two thousand ten so I don't know if they're gonna pull one of those out a month balls or go with something with one of the private companies Basil's has been working quietly on a lunar Lander. It's not human rated at this point. It's cargo, but it would be possible to rewrite a people. I don't think. So it's question of how we get down surface. And are we going straight from literature from earth orbit lunar, the like Apollo or we're gonna stop I the lunar gateway which is the program asses working on before announcing right, which they smaller space station around the moon. They are now in the interest of time downsizing that. So that you've got a little more room than a bit sized RV live is that bigger station. So, you know, it's kind of feeling like Apollo again where we're raising the trying to quickly and that's fine. As long as it isn't another close in. Program that says, okay, we're done. And now, we got no use for this hardware. That's happened last time. And that's how we ended up with the shuttle. So let's not do that. Let's make sure we keep going there. Okay. All right. Rod hang on. Okay. You bet. All right. We got one more story here to talk about with rod. And if you guys have any questions or or comments space related talker tax three one two nine eight one seven two hundred one more second here with with with rod. And and if you guys want to jump in its three one two eight one seven two hundred well the Tigers roar in Detroit, or we'll Moncada and the socks start the series swinging White Sox Tigers today at noon on WGN TV sports, first.

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