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Lorde hamilton retired from stores an ice in two thousand one a few years after he was treated for testicular cancer but the show goes on to this day and if you wanna see nathan chan brady ten el marai nick asu adam rippon and lots of your other favorites from this winter olympics and olympics past that's where you can catch them come april and may everything that i've ever been able to accomplish and skating in in life has come out of adversity and perseverance the judge the told me i was too short to compete at international level well i'll prove her wrong and i did um another judge who just didn't really like me that much in was very powerful always thrown up roadblocks trying to get me to to fail now you can if you do this jump in competition um we're gonna have to mark you down so i change the jump in atlanta tougher jump in spain despite her and when the competition so all the things that were meant to kinda pull me down made me better just out of just drive in in intensity and perseverence it's it's always been just getting past the adversity getting you know finding a challenge meeting it finessing phan eighthinning however you get around it get around it but always keep looking ahead don't let somebody grab a hold of the back your shirt and hold you back you know just keep going keep going and without that kind of adversity evian much much less of a performer i'd love for people to throw up some roadblocks it gives me direction and it gives me something to to.

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