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Seven or nine straight points in the fourth bulls right there? But then the last possession, you know, and they were executing actually two times down the floor before that last possession down one. They throw the ball into lamarcus Aldridge and Wendell Carter's guarding the post and Zach LeVine came and he doubled and they got altered to move the ball, and they rotated and they contested a couple of long shots in the Spurs miss. They got the rebound like, okay, you're executing. Good. And I don't know what Zach Levine's dough. And I mean, just you know, you're down one and he says not one on one basketball wave everybody. Wait. The the coaches standing on the sideline. Yeah. Imploring his team to run their offense to run something. He's telling. Harder get off and. Strange batch. Hard enough screen because you got a learn. Yeah. And you've got the players saying, no everybody clear out. That's it. Well, that's the players. You had one player say, no, that's what I'm saying. Got with the basketball. Everybody not move away out. Now. It's terrible off. It's terrible of its down a point. And you take a contested twenty-five footer stores. Contested twenty four footer. The second work were shot is the open twenty one footer K right in front of the three point line. Terrible doesn't make any mistakes backup afoot middle and make that and can that if it's going to be wide open in each who to win car was bad. How much did you need to win? You gotta be. So we need to win with fourteen seconds left driving kick. If you have to drive to the basket, try to file do something and something products, something like that would have been nice. I think had a timeout or maybe even two I think they had a timeout left with five seconds left, five seconds. He he did his thing. And maybe when he recognized when he rejected him when he's dribbling the ball at the top. And he was rejected outright the guy that would set in this Wendel Carter. When he was rejected. Are you saying that you should call the time outrage because I I don't mind not calling a time out after you get the rebound you're coming the other way, a lot of coaches like doing this. They don't want the defense to to set up. They don't want to give the other team a chance to get in a huddle and setup. They'd rather them be a little bit flustered coming back down more. So I don't mind not calling time out. But you know, maybe they're the coach then should say, let's draw something up. I mean, he's he's he's imploring. His guys run something exaclty. He's waving everybody away. All it. Takes a terrible shot as good as he wasn't a terrible shots. Did it make sense? Zach LeVine did say something that resonated with me. If I make it. We're not talking about anything. Okay. Now. That's true. If you do make it nobody is talking about it. I. What you miss you, barely drawing or you didn't make it you missed and I remember when I told you the Greg Blache theory as you go ahead and cheat and you can go back door, but you make the play. He goes you go back door. You don't make the plates a double minus..

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