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People in the world but if you take that same established process that they're used to doing and you remove that you just make one less step one hundred million dollar business every time i look at it so the reality is people will put a premium on ease of use on timesaving over every other enhancement or improvement you can possibly put into your product this is why constantly challenged our team to say only launch features that half or more of our customers lease because i don't want anybody getting confused i don't want anybody going down a rabbit hole and trying to figure out how to use the new feature there is a fundamental value proposition that every business offers either you are offering something like time savings or you are offering something like an improvement in outcome we have to understand what your core truth is the best businesses are ones that take something that everybody has to do and less than do it in a shorter amount of time i love that area interesting so ian you in the people matching business and everyone who held a job or anyone who's tried to hire another persian would say that they had experienced both good matches and that matches so your experience and all that data that you have say that you are small business owner what a some of the most common mistakes we do whenever we match an employer employee mean there's through classic set of mistakes that we all make an i'll take you through the process the first is we are all bad at writing jobs options and were bad for one fundamental reason which is when we look online and see the templates or what you're supposed to put in a job description it's a description of the company usually dry on by list of requirements or the rawal and followed by like a very short was the benefits of.

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