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Little number 99 Dan Hampton on the line, Dan. I was just reading. I never realized this that you're only the second bear to play in three different decades. About that. You know what that means? I just wanna run away too. And quick. Davin it. Ah! George Landa. Is that the Is that the guy who is the other bears? No. Said lock. Okay, the great Sid Luckman, who Who was quite the cat about town when I first got here, and he was He was really he was. He was glamorous in a way, you know, I mean, he was of a different time, but he was You're a hell of a guy and I'm in some crazy way. I'm kind of proud of that. You know, I hung around a long time, but I can't have I kind of get great advice from it'll bread of it. And you know what? One time we were up. You know, I haven't had a you know a stake in in mobile one. And anyway, somebody said, how long you gonna play? Dan and I said, I don't know it, you know, turn to him, and I said, What do you think he goes? You need to play 12 years play your butt off for 10 years and then you could get a couple of years. That's a slider, and that's exactly what happened. But, hey, you know, in my in my 12 years, I think we made the playoffs a time. So that's pretty good stuff. No kidding, by the way, blander Also in three decades. But just not with the Bears remember at the end of his career with the Raiders when he was he was well into his forties and coming off the bench who kicking and playing quarterback On pulling out these games late, the formatting went there. Well, I guess it's Ah, It's the best opponent. The Berries have faced yet Sunday, isn't it? Dan? Absolutely. You know, bears are three and oh, boy, Here we go, and we finally I have a pretty worthy opponent. Now. All the all the football marriage that, you know, buy into all this new defensive metrics stuff, the video and all that tells us O. This is the best defense that there is in the football early. I'm not so sure. You know they played, uh what they played the Vikings, The Jaguars the Jets, really? You're going to count those guys. It's You know real NFL offenses. So I'm just saying, I really like the way the Bears are stacked up. Now we all know about the decision to go with Nick Foles has the haircut. I'll just tell you, you watch some of the tape of these coaches to their press conferences. They remind me of a guy that flies to Vegas and instead of the car rental place getting a Ford escape. They give you like a real shining Silverado. What will drive you know, there are like they're giddy, Giddy. They finally have Quarterback to understand what they're talking about. When they're saying, you know, we needed to know Attack defence is so, um, I in the same way I'm getting. I'm very excited about it, but but I think the hidden hand part of this game is everybody's talking about in Annapolis. His defense will I think of teen Gates and coil Mac and And the rest of those guys were going to say Wait a minute. Wait a minute. If anybody's going to be going, Wow, look at that defense. It's going to be about us. So I think our defense really Is going to hit their stride and get after Mr Rivers this weekend. When you look at the Bears defense Hamp there have been times since you only have to go back to last week in Atlanta. On DH find some of those instances where they didn't look like the Bear's defense we expected to seek, but then they turn around fourth quarter They were great game's on the line. They've They've been able to close it out, even with Detroit on the goal line in that first game, So yes, is this may be going to give us a better indication of Or is this the week that we see the Bears defense we expected to see Again. No preseason, No offseason. Okay. All right. Well in our secondary, you know Gibson is the new safety got the game. Ending interception this past week. The jail in Johnson is it's going to be a terrific player, but he's a rookie. And you can't run a bunch of, you know, banjo and in amounts and all these different calls with rookies that just don't figure it out for a little while. So now going into the fourth game, they should be much better. Um Dan excavated, looked lost and slow the first couple of weeks. He's gotten a little bit better kind of gotten up to speed. But the main difference is that the The line of scrimmage. McCain Hicks started slow last week. He was dominant. He was the guy that we remember Khalil Mack will on ly feed off of that, Robert Quinn. Had one game one play against, UM other Giants two weeks ago, and he's been AWOL. So if we get everyone show up in his and invariably, I remember, you know, for many years we were the number one ranked defense. But would goto Cincinnati are Dallas or whatever. And would hear people Like, you know, other players, people on the silent going. Oh, yeah. You think you're number one word? It's It's kind of a big deal, and it's a source of inspiration. And you take pride in it that you want to be the show Pony defense. You want it, and firstly, little Max. Not happy that everybody is going to be talking about. But they're in the Indianapolis told me since this weekend. They want to be the defense that it's where your cloth everybody's doing. Wow. Did you see that defense and they're not talking about the colt? We're talking about the bear so We've had. We've had fits and starts where we played pretty good here may be missing some things there. I think Madonna will have him ready to go. Come Sunday. More from Dan Hampton. Sponsored by Chevy Dr Chicago dot com. Come and.

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