Russia, Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez discussed on The Global Politico - Episode 27: What it's like to watch a democracy die in Venezuela


And when that price collapsed in 2014 it's kind of sent the whole economy spinning and since then it's just been spinning downwards at dawn learn what's so interesting uh though is that it it it seems like such an outlier uh you know there are plenty of authoritarian societies in the world there are plenty of oil dependent authoritarian societies look at russia we were talking about uh vladimir putin and hugo chavez and their friendship going back all the way to the very beginning of putin's tenure when i when actually saw crazily enough the two of them walking around together in red square not something i must say that is an everyday occurrence what's the gironde into uh vladimir putin but i this really did happen you know look at how differently those two societies have ended up both authoritarian and much more authoritarian now than they were in two thousand one both highly uh oil and natural resource dependent economies uh putin if anything has been azer more isolated politically then venezuela and yet he's avoided the collapse that has occurred in venezuela is maduro just uniquely in incompetent yeah i mean it makes total sense that use the saudis and putin together is how is in some ways is modelled himself after the same the same principles that hold putin and people in the slums in caracas these are the people who supported chavez's at supported maduro they also see those parallels and they look at places like russia and like cuba and.

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