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Black music has persisted and been popular. Not just in the black communities but broadly across the united states been adopted by white musicians in white audiences from the very beginning. Saturday night fever. Which you mentioned was a clear example of a very popular white band australian actually who took the genre and and moved it into a market that it hadn't seen before. How are we seeing. If at all that pattern plan today well It's funny The same kids that would've packed mid ski parts. Disco demolition are now packing stadiums. All over the world celebrating idiom culture which is basically our generations disco and Hip hop culture is pop culture. So i mean. I'm just as We had elvis kind of imitating the moves music of southern black artists. We justin bieber. That's creating music that's largely urban by design tell us about your documentary legacy the untold history of chicago black music legacy aired on november twelfth on. Pbs here in chicago on wtt. W channel eleven may still be streaming and legacy kind of covers some hidden figures in black music history in chicago and because i am so actively involved in house music culture. A lot of people jump to the conclusion that this is a documentary about the origins of house music. But really. it's a story that points to black entrepreneurialism. It's a story that points to black fathers investing in their sons. It's a story that points to the stick to it of nece. That black culture has maintained from the fifties to now it started From a question that i had which was. Why isn't tom. Washington in the rock and roll hall of fame. Now for those. Who don't know tom. Washington is a string and horn arrangement. Which means he writes the lord parts for records and stuff like that and he was pretty good at it. Having had written the horn parts for september by earth wind and fire. Can you feel it in heartbreak. Hotel for the jacksons and even scipio fulfill columns. Everybody knows september and everybody remembers those horns. And i was sitting around with some friends i say. Why isn't tom. Washington in a rock and roll hall of fame and This documentary is By attempt to shine a light on. Tom washington and a thomas who had the gumption to put me on tour bus with captain sky. Who's also covered Captain skies record super sperm was a founding bedrock for which many early rappers were wrapping on top of in the beginning of that art form and between tom washington. Eddie thomas captain sky the chosen few. Dj's those parties they throwing and marshall jefferson who went on to write the house against the move your body. I thought that there was just an interesting story of black black people making music through whatever no matter what you mentioned that you got that. Synthesizer wasn't you still have. It was a move prodigy a prodigy yes a move prodigy. That was my first sin and It was stolen from the apartment that we will get a few years later. But i've gotten a lot more sense than our current studio contain somewhere new somewhere. North of eighty synthesizers. I know that there's a. There's a certain magic when you find the right instrument specially early on in your career. Just tell me when you hit your. I note on that on prodigy. What did you feel. It was the ability to create just about in sort of sound with this instrument. It was pure joy for me because it was a combination of two things. I loved music in science. You know i was just as happy. Kids spearman one day. I wanted to be gary numan and make the sounds that i heard on his records. Another day. I want it to be craft work and recreate those drums and most of the time. I just kind of wanted to be captain sky well to music and science two of the purest things in the universe vince lawrence. Thank you for talking to me today. Face rabidly. that was my conversation with vince. Lawrence music producer and documentary filmmaker. Who's latest project is legacy the untold history of chicago black music. You can find a link to the film in the show notes next on american scandal from the late nineteen seventy s to the mid one thousand nine hundred ninety s. A new menace emerged in the united states. He was known as the unabomber and he was intent on using violence. To change the direction of the country. The unabomber's real name was ted. Kaczynski and sophisticated bombs would injure twenty three people and kill three. The manhunt to find him would become the longest lasting and most expensive case. Fbi history it would only end the gut wrenching decision from wandering. This is the riott comiskey park for american scandal. If you like our show please give us a five star rating leave review. Be sure to tell your friends. And if you're interested in another music story check out. Wonder his new series jack which looks the birth of new. Jack swing subscribe on apple podcasts. 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