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Me oh goodness gracious Allah did you have to hit it so hard I hope we haven't killed him he's into strong at all I don't now Thomas Hearns worth would you mind telling me on whose head up by the dubious pleasure to the setting and that Sir is Milford Brooks that that his policy with the companies in the mouth of two million dollars and the voicings bent on committing suicide all I want you to stop him or what he wanted to do but the Modesto anything anything the conditions of this policy is that we would be forced to make the claim in the event of a suicide the dollar sitting on his head that way onto in danger of smothering double smothering him doesn't worry me but this could happen on my very comfortable cushions I'll move that little now let okay okay so I know this kid is insured the too movement that is policy pays off on suicide one one half our gold medal put Brooks walked into the office and change the beneficiary in this policy then said he proceeded to demand not request mind you but demand alone up five hundred thousand dollars a change when I explained to him that there were no provisions for a loan and his policy he threatened suicide which would cost you two million so all we have to do is keep him alive and he's managed to make that no small problem his choice of a new benefit here is downright frightening one of the most notorious gamblers in the east his name is Hatcher Harold Hatcher ouch you know it sure the kids in the post office kind of boring for a lot of years well that's the situation I mean did you protect Milford Brooks Utara Adalah I want to protect the boy is giving.

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