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Public. According to an arrest report a saint petersburg cop called daniel mccleary who sixty and donald engstrom. Who's fifty nine engaged in sexual acts while completely naked and in public view at about ten twenty five pm in a small park. The pair was arrested. Angstrom reportedly admitted that they were in fact having sex They were arrested for indecent exposure and booked into the county jail on misdemeanor charge. Both men were released on their own recognizance. The report notes that the indication of alcohol influence was detected by the arresting officer now while angstrom rap sheet includes a soul. Dwi conviction clear. He has an extensive criminal history with convictions. For battery resisting. Arrest burglary theft domestic battery battery on the law enforcement officer cocaine possession. Trespassing drunk driving disorderly conduct probation violation and leaving the scene of an accident. He's a bad boy. They made some type of dui program. They met at the aa meeting win. Win got went and got a drink and Had some by the way Saturday morning on my way into record. The allies on us podcast. I stopped at a mini mart. Got out of my van. Where i heard guys say from across the parking lot. Hey hey body body. And i look over i go. You can't beer. I said no sorry man. I'm not buying you a can of beer what you say that was it. That was the end of it. Of course. I went into the mini mart to get my soda. I was behind a gentleman who looked like you would hang out with. the other. gentlemen gentlemen was in fact buying a can of beer the nine thirty. Am cannon beer. Also in florida florida man is behind bars for allegedly trying to pray his way through college and not the talking to god kind. His name is raphael will eski. he's eighteen. He was arrested on felony charges after allegedly trying to burglarize homes in vero beach neighborhood where he lives with his parents. He was carrying all knife apprehended by a cop. Shortly after caller dial nine one one to report a male had entered for home broken window around five fifty p m. It's still light out buddy. He was collared after police spotted him walking a few blocks from the victims residents now during questioning he reportedly admitted to committing three burglaries in the neighborhood including a break in and a residence across the street from his family's house. They won't recognize you there. He told police that he decided to burglarize homes get money for college. The also claimed that the devil kept tempting him to steal a made me do it. Yes sir charged with a trio of armed burglary gowns. He's locked up in the indian river county jail and move seventy five thousand dollars bond. You'll be arraigned on august thirteenth. And i'm guessing he will not the tribute matriculating at a high quality institution of higher learning. Say man seventy five thousand dollars for this dude. He has some issues man like he. He should be in some hospital right now. He's eighteen like and he was saying he was burglarized. He was burglarizing homes to get money for college and the devil and the devil made him doing like this guy is not he needs to be he needs to be take isn't he. To be have bao's thousand dollars. He's gonna hassle double was invented. Just those people could say the devil may yeah. I can't argue with that. That's that's florida corner for this week. Oh boy here boy. It's warm in the studio. Isn't it jason little bit. I just thought it was you so hot. Sexy thank you. Thank you very much New hvac coming. Well i mean the thing is it's been hot of course and there was no one here all day to run. The air conditioner is right. It's on but it's not that big a deal all right anything Anything you guys want to Want to bang around. We've got a couple of minutes before we have to get a small town news. And i'm i'm just curious if you had anything that's really been burning a hole in your soul about. I do have one thing all right. Let's let's hear it. So you know the got busted for. We'd last week i do. I don't know her name off the top of my head. But i am. I am familiar with the story. So you know see. Her mother died. She smokes when we help. Break up with it. Whatever so she's She's got busted for all right They suspended her for months. She turned to suspension see admitted to what she did. Let's move you know. People are upset about it but she took she took it like a woman will move forward. So why did this asshole wince from australia put out a tweet saying that her acrylic nails in her long hair were size of steroids use. I saw that headline. And i didn't have a chance to dig into it. I'm like i don't even to get into this plan. That was wasn't the worst part of what she saved. The worst part of what he did was he went on to say that forrest griffin dorner died from steroids in her official autopsy. Says he died from a suffocating from To seize right so you it was. There was no purpose in you. Do bring this. Lady's name is dead dead name into anything that was going right especially when considering the girls hair and nails aren't hers at all well and the other thing is There there are plenty of people who have acrylic nails that are not international athletes. I don't know that that's a sign of she saying every black woman is on steroids. Green is what you say right. Basically yeah i know comes on the heels of the olympic trials where the where the one athlete. There's three three athletes on the podium and the bronze medalist who is african american. When they played the anthem just put her hands on her hips. And look down the other two immediately. Turn put their hand on their artan blah blah blah blah and iso so many white people mad about this so many white people mad about this kareem. I was like why are you so mad. One of the things that makes america great is the again is the fact that as americans weaken protest here. We can protest the flag. We broke us the president we can protest things. If we're like this is not okay. And they're like yeah but she wants to represent america. Yeah that's part of what america is and if she's if she's the third best trials guess what she gets to do it as long as she doesn't test dirty for something then she gets to do it. She didn't do anything illegal. She didn't do anything other than not. It's been around now. Her explanation as to why was that well handled no not at all. She's like i was. I was set up. Well maybe you were committed to it so yesterday. Fourth and we are wising man of honor miniver which is the of Carlberg cheer who was the first naval burst. Black navy diver so me and barbara Watson mayes you his in diving school in that where you float on the water. It's where you go stand on the bottom of the fucking see and walk induced right. So he's at the bottom of the sea waiting for them throw his bag so he can do the flames. They.

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