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On K G O eight ten. Franklin Nikki's not here, but she will be back on Monday. And hopefully, we all will as well. If you're out driving around watch, the rain, be careful tonight. Also coming up in the next half hour. Abbott? You didn't know you could bet on Trump's interview. But you can't is pretty funny of joining right now, Josh board, Arcadia film critic who hates the movies. But that's not so true. Right. I mean, you actually been liking more and more movies recently. Are you just getting old and soft? What's the deal? No. It's if they make good movies like him, you know, like this weekend. It's the Peter Jackson documentary. I liked about World War One. So you know, you make good movies. I'm gonna like. Is is a famed director. What else did he direct forget the Lord of the rings trilogy? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, that's interesting. So World War. One is one of those. You know, as I heard John houseman won't say before we knew to number them that was called the great war, and chip I'm curious as to what you'd think of this because it's getting some controversy this movie because he took this footage that was really rare that nobody's ever seen six hundred hours of footage. And they wanted him to make a thirty minute segment. Thirty grandfather was in World War Two and he ended up making a rate long movie, but he colorized it, and he he did some edits to it. And he made it in three d he added. Voiceovers by getting lip-readers to read what the soldiers were saying. And then they so you can hear the conversations these soldiers, and I found that a lot more interesting, and it really made it resonated a bit more than just seeing grainy black and white footage where they're running. You you watch old footage sometimes of Babe Ruth. And it looks like he's wanting a million miles an hour. They did a lot of stuff where they fixed that. And it makes it a lot more powerful. But a lot of people think is gimmicky, and they don't like to d did that. So it's weird. Well, you know, in Forrest Gump as a meccas had those scenes where you know, they he melded in Tom Hanks with these scenes from the sixties remember that. Yes. In another and people criticized him for that they could have done actor. I get it. It's you know, if you're in that business your artist, and I I'm just fascinated by World War One World War. One was one of these horrible wars that that ultimately because we didn't know what we were doing led to the rise of Hitler. Also. I if I'm not mistaken, they use mustard gas. It was just you know, and it was. You when you watch this movie? It's so intense because what they did is. They took interviews the BBC did in the sixties of a lotta soldier sleeves one hundred different interviews, and they don't tell you the names of the people. You just hear the different voices telling stories, and as they tell stories about how they had to go to the after on the field. For example, you're seeing footage of it. You're like going, whoa. This is crazy or you know, mustard gas in. So they kind of match up the scenes of what they have with what soldiers were describing. And it's just your hair in real soldiers talk about this in real footage. And it's yeah, you know. To me. I always hated the idea of glamorizing war. I mean, the the the the war epochs that we right like the Mel Gibson made that horrible one about brother band of brothers. You know, and to me again. And this is something my dad said to me when I was little I always remember because if they made cop shows, and they stayed on the person that got shot longer. So you can watch the person die people wouldn't watch cop shows anymore. You know, the idea with we use these guns like their cap guns in in a shoot off everywhere. And. I always like what Eddie Murphy said one of his stand up act. He said how in movies you get shot? You're saying your buddy go on go on without me. I'll be fine. And you still fight with a shoulder that has a bullet wound yet real life is buddy got shot by a stray bullet in the nightclub. And he started crying and yelling for mom, and he wet his pants. A lot different realize. You know, that's the things documentaries. So yeah. Heard of it until you just told me right now. But I I would see it. I love reading about that period of time because I think there's so many lessons for us today. You know, I mean because the treaty Versailles at the end of the movie would that's the one that basically pummeled Germany economically. And and and hams hamstring them at allowed for the rise of Hitler and to use his his white supremacy. Things sound familiar to to bring people together and to fight against, you know, the the indigenous evil, which was Jews and gypsies and Catholics and. And then eventually, you know, kills how many people died in the second World War with if you include Stalin and millions tens of millions. You know, so yeah, it's it's hard to fathom. I'm trying to think as you say this the best war movie I've ever seen. I I might go. I don't know there's so many. But like, I shouldn't lose list is high on my list. I I want movie I liked, but it didn't blow me away. And I thought it did a lot of corny things. I didn't care for was saving private Ryan. Yeah. I agree. I like opening scene the first minutes. But after that, I wasn't. Yeah. I found it slow. I agree. The stories actually it was less about the movie than the way. I heard it affected World War Two veterans at saw it. Being seen coming on. Normandy. What the name of that beach was I can't remember? But just the way that when they when those tanks rolled up on the carriers. They opened up and they were just mowed down by rifle fire. I can only imagine the perfect example like that would be enough. Just a second the doors opened they're getting mowed down. And again, and again, and again, but instead we had to see every different way. Like one guy takes off his helmet and then get shot. Another guy loses his arm, and then he picks it up another guy. I mean, like they showed literally every way. You know? I I've found that appropriate. Because like I said, I I want I want if you're gonna show a warm of you know. If you want to show, and your your point is to make everybody know how horrible it was. Then do it. I think the worst or the the best and worst movie about that time that my wife. So we went out to see it together. It was so face choice and killed her. If you don't know Sophie's choice the crux of the movie is Meryl Streep plays a mother in Nazi Germany, a Jew, and they'd make her decide which kid goes to the gas chamber in which kid lives. That's her choice. And it was so horrific and and Kevin Kline was her boyfriend, and he loses his mind, and oh my God. It was just. Peter Jackson interesting that he he has no history of documentaries. Does he know not that I know of called by the movie called? Think it's a title like they shall not grow old. Or does a sentence like that? I'm totally butchering that I I can't remember the title right now. I find it trauma. The title is a part of a poem from nineteen fourteen. Call for the fallen the Paul, but I just don't remember what extra the palm. They used the title. But yeah, what else does anything house opening this weekend? That's. There's a movie called miss ball. I I stayed for a tower of it. And it was so bad, and my wife, and I just left. Wow. Yeah. What you said. Yeah. Okay. Good. That's it. Yeah. You know? It's interesting to like, I yeah, I hate to say this. I just watched moonlight for the first time. What did you think of it? I was really impressed that I still thought LA La Land was better sorted. I I agree with both those statements. I thought moonlight was good. But it didn't deserve the praise. And I thought some of the things the director did were amateurish like having camera angles it spun around for no reason, and you know, but but I I like the kid the various kids. What did it in three stages actually got? We all got the vote for the after sag awards your sag afterwards. I call now. And what what did you think about? Oh god. But what's the movie that one the Black Panther when and how about that? I I like I like Black Panther. But I don't like it the way everybody else does to me at the end of the day. It's just a superhero movie. It tells you get extra credit but cast I mean, that's wonderful. And I liked it black kids can have characters up to. But at the end of the day. It's a superhero movie, like whatever, it's good. It's a good superhero movie. But nothing more there's going to be a little bit of in the in the years ahead. I think of of of a of a bit of giving awards to African American actors just when you're on the fence and just say, well, if I'm going to do what am I, you know, some people can call it. The same thing they're doing in colleges for trying to balance it, and, you know, the percentage of minorities, I don't really have a problem with it. If if they're all the same, and they're all good, and you have a few years here to get it balanced. Again, you do that. Yeah. So be it. I won't have a problem. I won't have a problem if they do with her Shali because he was so great in green book this year. And it would be great that he wants for moonlight. And then he wins again this year for green book that would be awesome. And I can't believe that you're not watching trae detective because he's killing that too. So I'd love to see him in that. Yeah. I know he's an HBO you cheap. Not go on. Have a good weekend. Thanks, josh. I see. All right coming up next. You'd be surprised the things you can bet on next on K, you Franklin.

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