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American auto group traffic desk shop today at all American auto group dot com Christmas jet on New Jersey one a one point five New Jersey won a one point five instant weather for days in a row of unseasonably warm very humid active weather and as you probably noticed that includes today the chance for scattered thunderstorms will continue into the early evening hours I'd put the end time around six or seven o'clock here temperatures mainly in the eighties it feels like a summer day out there after sunset tonight we could see some additional showers especially in the southern part of New Jersey it is going to feel muggy tonight with lows only falling into the upper sixties and then tomorrow another warm and humid day highs mid eighties for most under partly to mostly cloudy skies spotty showers and thunderstorms are expected again especially tomorrow night Friday mostly cloudy chance of a shower or storm highs again mid eighties and will still be steamy on Saturday one more push a mid day thunderstorms then trying out and cooling down for Sunday from the Edison heating and cooling weather desk I'm chief meteorologist Dan zero Asbury park seventy one Delran sixty eight Middlesex seventy two fast traffic in an instant weather every fifteen minutes on New Jersey one oh one point five New Jersey weather brought to you by doc dude's doctors is the number one air duct cleaning company in the area what if we told you you can get a UV light that will detox the air in your home it's true called duck dudes now they have contactless service and billing so you're safe in your own home dot foods dot com that's dot dunes dot com two thirty six RW heard the traffic you heard the weather it's a nasty day in New Jersey flooding trees down maybe more on the way so what do you see what have you seen one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five let's talk to Hannah in Delaware township Hey Hannah what's going on I'm doing pretty good were without power though Daria yeah I was actually walking the home like I had five minutes from the house I got in and I feel very god and not more than ten minutes later the power went out and you could just see nothing but she does water and the trees were just going all over the place.

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