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It was not fit for tat. Lovely writer in london. Time as we said. Emma duncan when zoom meetings get boring. Just say dawn it. She says the struggle to bed tension and online meetings means that. I'm spending a lot of time with the kind of threat you don't find on twitter in real life meetings. You condemned to sit still with a expression a thoughtful interesting you face when we people are banging on zoom meeting. There's nothing to stop you. Giving the temptation to rome. While appearing to be fascinated by the debate of structural economic reforms you can read indian. Newspapers recess fabrics. I've now cracked the problem in recent meetings. I found myself didn't disconsolately the moth hold my jumper so gone out of sewing kit and started donning donning ladies and gentlemen. We talk about this. I mean as i said before in down socks. But can you. Don on depends. That's the big question. So she got out the sewing kit and started dawning bingo donning. It turns out occupies bits of my brain. That meetings don't and stocks my fingers taking me down. Rapper wholesome wikipedia so this something pleasing about willing away. The long hours of the twenty first century with a very nineteenth century activity. I think this is the thing these. This is gen. Z is at doing there more. Hardy bunch here than reading lovely article which we may be talking about some point next couple of days about Gen z is and how much hardier than the millennials And these gen. Z is going for a tough time at the moment they have to do schooling home Then it back to school than back at home so they have to be much more resilient but you know maybe that's a whole thing. Maybe the donnas the next generation of donna's could be the gen zia's. That's that's my hope. I mean this is the big thing. On the podcast. Yorkshire puddings yorkshire pudding association. America kicked off last week. That's one big thing. Donning is the next donnas of america the gen z dom of the future. That's what we're looking for okay. So this should have made it into trump trombones but it's just is even is even better is even better than trump from so anguished ray pizzas. Says he's at his wit's end off the space alien. Zap dismisses with a path lasted right which turned into a toffee. crisp. Radio. insists there were. No problems is twenty and marries to instead. He might come home thursday night to find his wife missing with a mysterious talk crystal in the kitchen floor there. Twenty two million dollar five veteran house. I mean you think the two million dollar five bedroom house they might have gone for You know a beautiful swiss chocolate. You know something like serious. What would the milk with came from alpine cows us and thank and the cocoa flaked two goals instead of the humble toffee crisp. The sixty two year old former security manager from brentwood essex at hates toffee. Chris and so two line. There's no other way would be one in the house so then it struck me have been some weird lights over a house most recent. Ufo's most probably so it made perfect sense links being turned into a toffee crisp by some aliens. Special reagan former boxing club owner. Ray said he worked into the early hours of friday scrubbing kitchen. In case there was any space contamination left by the moon men. The scrap dealers said. I was also forced to roll up the whole carpet and fraud in the just in case there was radioactive blowback from the ufo. There's any cctv may chucking a rolled up rug into the heavily. That explains that Four freelance lender. Ray said with judah fly out holiday to gran canaria for fortnight. I would hardly have put the holiday. If i'd been planning to kill would i. Not anyone mentioned are being killed. She's being tend to do a cross toffee by space aliens. So if you've got a super lasers zappa to if you got the super lays over. I mean that would melt the chocolate and toffee. I'm you'd have a molten chocolate toffee mess on the floor. it wouldn't be a whole toffee crisp. It would be ten molten because there's a space apple so we can't be her as a toffee chris. I'm sorry you know. I'm gonna put my judges wiggle wig and i say this chap's guilty unless he findings and maybe malls bar carry amac or or or twelve. I mean i mean anything counter medicine it would be melted the floor the terrible mass. You'd be mopping david bleach. So there is a new show coming on very soon Regarding henry the first wife catherine of aragon but little do people know that he married his brother's widow so when april the twenty first fifty nine the day everyone had been dreading arrived. Henri to to succumb to two burglars and his sons succeeded him. The seventy zero prince henry became prince henry. The eighth king henry awkwardly one of the first acts was to marry his brother's widow. Catherine of baragan is fitting. That's the first thing is did as king was to get married because of the twisted history henry. many ways would be the thing he ultimately became most famous for. But there is. There is a show coming on Very very soon about catherine of aragon And an absolute absolutely fascinating because apparently catherine walls. Henry's favourite wife. And i think the show is going to depict that so. Japan's high tech laboratory is privy to your vital signs. The japanese companies developing a high-tech intelligent laboratory that will help Health tips and warnings by using artificial intelligence to analyze human waste. The wellness toilet will provide the equivalent of the medical checkup. Every time he uses sits down senses in the seat or record a person's pulse and blood pressure while technology embedded in the ball. Not abou- will take stolen. Urine samples analyzing vara connections referred to it as the internet of toilets. Navigator uses will receive feedback. Included warnings to visit the doctor. I mean the thing is though. I mean i i mean. It's the most private place in in the house. I don't know if. I want an alert going off just because i had Too many too much rich food to eat my a decalator playing up or You know i had a ruby murray. I mean i i don't. I don't think i want to know that. I don't want to look off. It's embarrassing it is. It's gonna make me blush if a siren starts going off off our used the toilet. I mean it's going to make me reluctant to to go to the guard or in the future But apparently the company Total self awash lit. A lavatory will built in shower. Squirts uses bottom clean while and then blow. Dry is it. I mean again. If you blow drying a baltim- i mean some blow dries. Have to be a little bit more sturdy than others so if you know if you go i mean if lockdowns being toughened new mullet on now i mean you need to more sturdy hadra and maybe you need to comb it out and blow dried out. Straighten down thing. You know if if.

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