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Trading Chris Collins was under investigation by the house ethics. Committee his spokeswoman had called that. Investigation a partisan witch hunt Collins became the first congressman to endorse Donald Trump's candidacy and he remains an ally of the president house. Speaker, Paul Ryan booted Collins from the house energy and commerce committee accusing him of a clear violation of the public. Trust, ABC's, Aaron Katersky reporting in office building near. Orlando international airport was evacuated this. Afternoon when industrial chemicals leaked into the ventilation, system the Orlando fire department said the citadel building was undergoing some roofing. Work when a chemical bonding agent entered the air conditioning. System at least two people were taken to a nearby hospital for. Treatment traffic was diverted on TV lebeau lavar during the evacuation Katrina scales news ninety six, point, five, WDBO, Florida Atlantic university's. Rescheduling yesterday's graduation, ceremony That was canceled due to a bomb threat the school says all international and out of state soons will attend a commencement this week and the. Rest are invited to to a rescheduled ceremony next week. The threat was in a note. Deemed credible found any women's bathroom about forty five minutes before the start of the ceremony FA us president John Kelly says he empathizes. With, students who were forced to miss quote a crowning achievement in life and the poll county school officials are asking. Parents, to, drive their own kids to school because. They don't have enough bus drivers. Right now the school district is recruiting and, training bus drivers but until they're ready to hit the roads officials want. Kids to find their own rides to and from school. For the first couple of weeks otherwise there could be a big..

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