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The market. Who? For more check out better together with Maria menounos against always like a fun wellness a Jesus in fact from Maria Menounos and you're like I didn't ask you know but that's she's out here. Just like in your face at the gas pump you know and I was reading their website like gs TV gestation TV, and they're like our demographic is everyone because everybody is like has to watch this when they gas there's a really funny. There's a really funny like A. Line graph to be made like a really steep bell curve in regards to Maria Menounos relationship to like interest and time where it's like people are really into Maria Menounos for. Thirty two eighty seconds, and then the more you pass eighty seconds it's like I can't stand Maria menounos anymore, which is exactly the type of person you want to host this stuff. Yes, and chat to at an anxiety who did tweet this who put it all together for me? I. Don't know who of my new kings and Queens needs to hear this. But if you have a car, Maria Menounos also has a program on the TV SCREAMS AT GAS STATIONS AKA GAS TV I am not kidding because somebody had said I, miss her bro and it was a picture of Marina move. On. So you don't need to watch, you don't need to go to the movies to enjoy Maria. Menounos presence just go to. Fill up your car with some gas and she'll be they're telling you to like I. Don't know frozen vegetables lows. Make sure you close the windows in your car, but you know so it doesn't rain when it if you don't know you know. So doesn't rain inside your car that's a tip. The tip and the other tips such a natural she's able to say things that are unnatural. So naturally, you know like the word movie. You. The most unnatural word is movie a misspelling brand version of movie. And it rolls off her tongue like butter right and me I'm struggling to say them like new movie know I'm trying to say movie. But I'm saying Newbie or you're saying movie and then you're laughing out loud like Maria Monroe says. Exactly and she's just able to say no problem. She's a professional and that's the difference between us. She's a professional know unlike when someone points a camera and Maria Menounos his face and says, now remember Maria you're to be speaking to people who are filling up their gas tank and they only have ninety seconds to enjoy your company and she's like, got it. Great. Nation. Really, warm for someone who's like only happing touchy because they're worried about how expensive gases she's actually is a really funny like the direction that she's given in both of these jobs. It's like Okay Maria you're GONNA you're speaking to an audience who was sitting down there like turning off their cell phone, but they're still out to use it. They're starting to eat the popcorn there like talking to their friends they really don't WanNa wash they WANNA to watch the movie, but you need to engage in any way. They like movies, but they don't like what you're doing and you need to give them movie adjacent content, but it is not the movie that they have paid to see. Your presence is making them miserable. Just make sure you don't personally make them miserable. Okay. Don't make it worse for them Maria. It's already bad enough for them. Terrible. Audience is somebody filling up their gas and there is no tool for them to clean the windshield. So that doesn't. I you have to get there at an unannounced. The tool is there's just no water in the bucket so. FUCKING HATE THAT ISSUE That's going to get caught watching Maria menounos. Also Maria you're on a tiny screen probably had dirt all over it. It's bit you're barely visible also wait oh, my I just realized liquor is on the small screens and she's on the big screens that's called she s the range. Honey small screen took large scream. She literally the range. Queen of both small and large format. I can't deal and she spent a lot of time on the middle range screen which I would argue is TV so she's done everything she made her mark in the middle and then she realized her moment was large and small Maria extremely news. That's what we call her the extreme. Honestly what's next for her I can't even imagine what could be next for her like outer space TV or something I. Don't even know I don't know but I'm officially calling Maria Menounos the extreme from now on like in twister or they call Bill Paxton, the extreme no move away Bill Paxton. Well, he's dead that said Maria Menounos is the new extreme. That's incredible. She's officially Canon. She's extreme. Stunt she. Can Now let's move onto a very quick game of who were them. What is the? What is the cereal that Tony's always eating in Sopranos? There's like Tony Soprano was always I appreciate the Tony Soprano's always eating sugary cereal in the Sopranos which I've now finished and is now like old news at this point but I was like, oh That's part of his character like he likes a sugary like childish cereal, not all of us all of all of us I understand my so many people would want to like revisit the series of their youth because it is fun but maybe you think that's not really the healthiest thing in the world try something with a little younger and a little less whatever. That's a magic spence here for I love magic spoon so much i. just got another frequent box of it with flavors I'd never even had before I just started eating the honey nut and peanut butter. And let me tell you i. like those two flavors as much as I. my previous favorite, which was Blueberry Magic's has zero grams of sugar eleven, grams of protein and only three net carbs in each serving the got cocoa. They got I got frosted they got blueberry I got some and peanut butter. I don't know where that came from but it's great. It tastes amazing and it honestly tastes too good to be.

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